Best Times To List on Etsy


Tim here with an (un)scientific analysis of when to list or renew listings on When is the best time to list on Etsy? It’s a question every Etsy seller has asked themselves. It’s a subject we’ve talked about before. It’s not an easy question to answer, but the ramifications of getting it right could… [read more]

In Stock or Made-To-Order? What Works Best for Etsy Sales?


Every Etsy Seller has to make a choice. Make orders as they come in, or make them ahead of time and only list them when they’re ready to go. These are two distinct ways of doing business and both have advantages and disadvantages. Made-To-Order This is how I first started on Etsy. I designed and… [read more]

Don’t Count On Google For Etsy Sales


If you operate a business online, you need to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For the average Etsy seller, an advanced degree isn’t required. A working knowledge is. With a basic understanding of SEO, you can make your products available through a search engine to someone who is looking for them. Just don’t get… [read more]