Learn More About What Advertising Can Do {Educational Series}


We’re working hard behind the scenes around here.  Our updated Everything Etsy Directory will be released soon, and we’ll be sharing photos of our awesome new office once we get all settled in. We’re looking for even more ways to share your creative Etsy shops with new people around the world. One of the most… [read more]

Boost Holiday Sales! {Advertising Specials}


This will be my third Holiday Season selling on Etsy! The first year, I was surprised to see my sales jump the way they did. The next year, I was expecting it. This year, I’m preparing for it! How about you? I think it will pay to be prepared this year more than ever. Each… [read more]

Don’t Count On Google For Etsy Sales


If you operate a business online, you need to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For the average Etsy seller, an advanced degree isn’t required. A working knowledge is. With a basic understanding of SEO, you can make your products available through a search engine to someone who is looking for them. Just don’t get… [read more]

Business Card Giveaway Day!

Thanks to UPrinting.com one Everything Etsy reader will get 250 new business cards with FREE SHIPPING! You can even choose the size. Wouldn’t it be great to win new business cards to share with friends and family, pass out at a party, or just look plain cool with when someone asks for one. I love… [read more]

Promote Your Etsy Shop – Postcard Giveaway


  Have you started to prepare for your holiday sales yet? Well, it’s time to get moving! Here are some tips to help get you on the right track this year, and have you ready in time for the holiday rush. Start adding your holiday items to your shop for those early shoppers. I sold some… [read more]