The Easiest Crochet Flower Pattern Ever!

The Easiest Crochet Flower Pattern Ever!  Tutorial on

This is the easiest crochet flower pattern ever!

I made a batch of colorful crochet flowers and strung them together to create a little flower bunting.

I like to keep my crochet projects as easy as they can be since I have a short attention span.  You can be a complete beginner and make these flowers.  Basic crochet knowledge of a few simple stitches and you’re all set.  You can practically make these with your eyes closed…well, maybe.

Crochet Flowers - Easiest Flower Pattern Ever!

I made a ton while watching a movie and hung them on a chalkboard Tim made me years ago.  They look fabulous decorating the top of my colorful piano!

A chalkboard and crochet bunting is a winning combination in my book…it’s so simple and sweet.

Easiest Crochet Flower Ever! l Tutorial on

Here’s how you can make your own.


  • Crochet Hook – size G {4.25mm}
  • Lion Brand Vanna White Yarn Colors – Radiant Orange, Berrylicious, Radiant Yellow

The pattern for The Easiest Crochet Flowers ever…

  • Chain 7
  • Slip stitch into the first stitch – This makes the center circle.
  • Chain 2
  • Double Crochet 3
  • Chain 2
  • Slip Stitch into the center
  • Repeat Step 2-6 four more times to create the remaining petals.
  • Tie it off and you have a simply sweet flower.

Make a ton of them and use up your stash of leftover yarn.  Or buy your favorite colors…any excuse to buy pretty yarn is acceptable, right?

The Easiest Crochet Flowers - Pattern -

String them up for flower bunting or decorate a gift.  Wouldn’t they make a package extra special??  I totally think so and I’m trying that next.

There’re a million ways you can use these, and it’s the perfect flower for beginners!  It would make a great craft for a summer camp full of girls.  That would be fun!

My husband said they reminded him of sugar cookie when he was little…it always goes back to food. HA!

The Easiest Crochet Flower Ever! {Tutorial} -

I hope you’ll try it!  I’d love to hear what you do with them.

Looking for more crochet flower inspiration??  Check out this post…10 Simple Crochet Patterns!

Happy crocheting!



  1. Julie R. says

    These are adorable! I’d use them for hair accessories in little girls and for embellishments on skirts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Miss M says

    Hi! I am a “newby” crocheter and am in love with these little flowers! Do you have a YouTube tutorial for these? I have attempted the pattern a few times but something is not quite right (with my crocheting skills, not your pattern!) … If possible could you help me? I’m not sure that I am double-crocheting in the correct stitch after I slip stitch the circle closed. My first petal always looks ok but then I’m not sure where to slip stitch next. Should I slip stitch twice? Once in the center and then again in the very first stitch? Oh boy, even my questions are confusing aren’t they? lol
    Thank you!!

    • says

      Hi Miss M! No worries…I’m sure you can do it! Every stitch goes into the little circle you make from the first few stitches. It might seem kind of tight to work with, but keep working your way around all the petals. Then you can pull on it a bit to make it look just right.

      I’ll make a you tube video for it one day! :)


  3. Reba says

    I had the same question ….. I figured out that if you double crochet in the center hole, it looks pretty close.

    Love this pattern!

    • says

      Hi Reba! Thanks for your comment! You do just work with the center hole you create with the first stitches. Sometimes you really have to tug on it a bit to make it look just right. :)


  4. bonnie says

    The trouble comes when you state ‘slip stitch into first stitch’. You mean the last stitch to create a circle. The first stitch is next to the hook. Should be the last stitch.

  5. Dei Sexton says

    I’m just starting to teach my two grand daughters to crochet and these are the perfect first project for them! These are so simple and they are something that they can finish easily so that they can know that they can actually use the stuff they are learning to make cute things. Thank you so much!

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