Quote Bubble Notebooks–Easy DIY Gift!

Quote Bubble Notebooks l Easy DIY Gift! l EverythingEtsy.com

Are you looking for a super quick DIY gift idea?  These simple Quote Bubble Notebooks are a great for anyone…friends, sisters, teachers, teenagers, and of course you need some for yourself!

I have a slight addiction to moleskin notebooks.  There, I’ve said it.  I have various sizes and colors and always find myself collecting more that I just need.  It could be worse.

My friend, Amy from Mod Podge Rocks, designed awesome stencils for Mod Podge and she shared some with me to try.  She’s sweet like that!

Quote Bubble Notebooks l EverythingEtsy.com

So, naturally I decided to decorate some notebooks and create a fun little gift set.

Quote Bubble Notebooks - Handmade GIft Idea - EverythingEtsy.com

These stencils made this one on the quickest projects ever!  Notebook supplies - Mod Podge Stencils

I have a couple stencils…woodgrain design and polka dots.  {You can see more stencil designs here.}

Let me tell you just how much of an airhead I can be sometimes.  I took the photos above in the kitchen {because I like the light from the window} then I cleaned up and put up the canvases I used for the background back in a closet.  Somehow, between the kitchen and the closet I lost my woodgrain stencil.  Yep.  I’ve searched for it everywhere.  I’m sure I’ll run across it 2 months from now…ha!  Do you every lose stuff like that?  Please say you do even if you don’t.  Smile

paint and stickers

So, once you have your stencils, notebooks, paint, stickers and a foam brush you are all set to get crafty.

paint it - Easy!

These stencil fit perfectly on the front of my notebooks.  I LOVE how it sticks!  It’s so secure, and I know all my dots will be lined up.

Just paint over the stencil with a thin coat of paint.  I used some shimmery and slightly sparkly Martha Stewart paint.  A little sparkle is always a good thing, right?!


Slowly peel it off while the paint is still wet.

I used the same stencil on each notebook, but I varied the position of the dots and the paint color.

In between each notebook I rinsed off the stencil in the sink and used a paper towel to pat it dry. It’s a thick stencil that cleans up in seconds.

diy gift notebooks

Once the paint was dry I added some fun quote bubble stickers I found at Michael’s.  Since these stickers are like little chalkboards you can change it up whenever.

I shared this photo on Instagram while I was in the middle of this project.  I LOVE Instagram…do you follow me? I’m @everythingetsy.

wrap it...

I wrote a little something in the quote bubbles and wrapped them up!

These stencils from Mod Podge make projects so easy!  Once you try them you’ll instantly think of 10 more things you can do with them.  No worries…these stencils are super sturdy and made to last a long time!

Have you tried them yet?  I’d love to hear what you’ve created!




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    Love love love this!! I am always buying frilly fun notebooks, as I always have lists and to-do lists made up. What fun it will be to make my own unique notebook, using this awesome technique! Thanks so much for sharing! :-)

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