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Mod Podge Sheer - Get Organized!

I’ve been busy organizing and I have to share my latest project using Mod Podge Sheer Colors.  This stuff rocks!  It’s an awesome product to help you repurpose old bottles or kick up a new glass dish or two.  A little color goes a long way in making your space look pretty and inspiring.

Mod Podge New Sheet Colors Tutorial on

I made a bunch of plain glass container look beautiful, but these are the ones I added to my desk to help me organize my supplies while looking lovely.

The glass bottle is my favorite and it now holds my paint brushes.  The tiny bowl is holding my current project…little crochet hearts.  The glass votive is holding a little candle all ready make my desk extra inspiring.


These are some of my supplies…

  • Mod Podge Sheer Aqua &Purple
  • Glass bowl – I used a set of three from the dollar store.
  • Glass votive holders
  • Glass Milk Containers from Michael’s
  • Twine
  • Label Maker
  • Tag from Scrapbook Paper
  • Hot Glue

I wanted to point out that I used glass milk containers from Michael’s because I thought the little cow on the front was cute, but you can get the same look by recycling Starbucks Frappuccino containers.

paint it

Here’s how it works…pour it,swirl it and flip to drip.  Ha!  It’s so much fun you’ll want to do every glass container in your house a different color!

It doesn’t look clear until it dries…mine was good after about 24 hours.

Mod Podge Sheer - Dry

Isn’t it pretty?!  I love the look when it’s dry!

Final touches -Mod Podge Sheer

I have a thing about twine, so I had to add a touch of it to my new containers for my desk.  Just use a little hot glue and wrap, wrap, wrap.

Mod Podge Sheer Tutorial

Mod Podge Sheer Colors are a fabulous way to brighten up your desk and organize a few things at the same time!

This is fun!  Even my boys thought this looked like a cool project. That’s a super rare thing!


For more details about Mod Podge Sheer Colors just check out these helpful videos…

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Mod Podge Sheer Colors are brand new, so look for them in your local Michael’s!

Are you a Mod Podge fan? I’d love to hear about any of your projects!



*This is a sponsored post, but all ideas and opinions are 100% mine.

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    This is so cool – I have never seen modge podge in the UK. We have PVA Glue here that dries clear – I wonder if you mixed that with a little acrylic paint wether that would work?

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