Organizing Craft Supplies–Fresh Ideas to Inspire!

Organize Your Craft Supplies - Fresh Ideas to Inspire!

I know you must have some craft supplies that could use a bit of organization…we all do!  It’s hard to be creative and keep all your supplies in their spot and not hidden away in a drawer never to be seen again. {Not that I’ve ever had that problem…lol!}

These fresh craft supply organization ideas will inspire you to take action!  Those little things like embroidery thread, string and ribbon can cause so much trouble.  Recycle some of those things around the house and organize at the same time…it’s a winning combination.

Check out these tutorials…

Organize Your Craft Supplies - My Poppet

Take an old house shaped shadow box and create a cozy home for your thread!  My Poppet shared this inspiring idea on her blog…super cute stuff.

You know you can easily find one of these shadow boxes, dust it off, paint it and stash your thread on the shelves in no time flat.

organize your craft supplies - embroidery thread

This is an adorable way to organize your embroidery thread!  Follow the simple tutorial on Faveed and create a litter of these sweet kittens to help you keep your thread pretty and easy to find.  This is so much better than the boring ones I have! {Sorry, their site seems to be down right now so I’ve removed the link.}

organize your craft supplies - margeauxcotton

Oh, I love anything that involves a label maker! This is a simple way to recycle and organize at the same time…why spend a ton on special containers when you can do this with jars!  Visit This Nifty Earth for all the details.

Organize your craft supplies - sugar and cloth

This is a beautiful spin on organizing with jars!

Sugar & Cloth created the sweetest neon macramé jars ever!  What a fabulous idea!  I remember my mom making macramé plant hangers when I was little and I never knew it could look this good!

Organize your craft supplies - thread holder

This is just a little thread or ribbon holder inspiration I found…I want it!

organize your craft supplies - washi tape

I know I’m not the only one that loves a pretty roll or two {or twenty} of washi tape!  Crab and Fish has the cutest little washi tape organizer and she shares just how she put it all together.

organize your craft supplies - silhouette america

Isn’t this a FABULOUS idea!  Use your Silhouette machine to label and organize with vinyl words on any box you you want…I could use this in a few areas of my house!

organize your craft supplies - wall organizer - design sponge

This DIY wall organizer can do wonders for clearing up a little desk space and keeping your supplies in reach.  You can find all the details at Design Sponge.  This would make a great gift!

Which idea is your favorite?  I’d love to hear about the creative ways you organize your supplies!


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