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Feedback on Etsy

Have you heard about the new Etsy feedback system?  There’s something new for buyers and sellers with this new 5-star rating system that will be rolling out to shops in the coming weeks.  Let’s take a look at some of the key changes and see what you think…

  • The seller’s feedback will change from a percentage type score {which included the seller’s purchases} to a 5-star rating system from buyers.
  • The buyer’s profile name will be shown and they’ll be required to leave a comment when leaving a review.
  • There will no longer be feedback left for buyers.
  • Reviews can be edited in case there was a misunderstanding that was resolved and the buyer want to update the review.

Etsy believes that the 5-star review system is more shopper friendly and I’m sure they’re right.  As online shopping grows everyone is becoming aware of the star system and it keeps it simple.

I must say as an Etsy seller I’m pretty happy they’re doing away with the buyer’s feedback.  It takes a good deal of time to leave feedback for buyer’s and really there’s not too much to say if a transaction went smoothly…which 99% of them do.

To read all the details of the upcoming feedback changes just visit this post on Etsy.  I just wanted to bring it to your attention, but if you’re a seller you’ll want to read all the facts for yourself.

What do you think?  Are you a seller or buyer…or both?  I’m both and I think they’re on the right track with these changes.

I’d love to hear from you!



  1. says

    So far I don’t like it..

    I’ve had 1570 sales on etsy over 4 yrs.

    Things i’ve learned
    1-buyers don’t read.. I can see the changing feedback thing going well.

    For example,I include care instruction cards with all my pkgs and I’ve had buyers WASH IN HOT WATER and PUT IN DRYER.It shrinks and they demand you replace it or they leave a neg.

    Another buyer leaves me a negative cause she is due anyday and wants her product sooner . I get a negative 4 HOURS after i agree to ship sooner. She changes he feedback and i agree to ship sooner than my usual turn around. I waive the rush fee and ship within a week. She DEMANDS a FREE MINKY LOVEY now cause she had to wait a week for me to ship. I can see her changing her feedback to a NEGATIVE again cause i refused.

    At least before I had some kind of bargaining chip if they left me a negative and cause they didn’t want their perfect feedback ruined so they would work with me then to correct issues. Now they can change feedback for any reason in 60 days. Tomorrow they decide they don’t really like it after all (which has happened.. buyer insisted on GREY Lovey then got it and decided 2 months she HATED it and wanted to exchange it for PINK and I said NO ).

    I do like they have to wait until after my processing time to leave a I can’t get a negative tomorrow cause buyer didn’t read my turn around time in the email,shop header or listing .

    and I worry it will end up like ebay.. Who is going to want to buy from me with 3 stars cause buyers don’t read or impatient..they left me 3 stars cause they had to wait 2-3 wks like my turn around time stats. Will etsy punish us in search standing and fee wise like ebay?

    then the emails to buyer REMINDING them to leave feedback..I hate those as a buyer..and I can’t imagine my buyers getting them and thinkin I SENT THEM PERSONALLY.

  2. Sarah says

    I think the bigger problem is that buyers don’t leave feedback at all. Will Etsy do little reminders to buyers to actually rate their purchase experience?

  3. Rebecca Henry says

    I wish they had a rebuttal for feedback like eBay. I have almost 5K in sales and 2 neg. and 2 neut. Those are due to buyers not reading or thinking I’m Wal-mart instead of a one woman show!

  4. says

    I don’t like it at all. My number one problem is allowing the shopper the ability to change their feedback for up to 60 days. This way when they buy one of my bags, use it for a month and then decide they want their money back (my policies stat otherwise) then they will be able to go in and change the feedback to a 1 star.(these kinds of buys have been happening more and more lately) Then as a shop owner I have no way to rebuke since sellers can’t leave feedback for buyers now.

    • says

      I do see how that could be a problem for you. Maybe they’ll keep on changing things to keep that from happening. There’s always room for improvement!


      • says

        You made me smile :) There definitely is always room for improvement. I need to remember that. Stop stressing over something that will either work out or not LOL

  5. says

    I like that they have removed leaving feedback for buyers.

    I dislike that a buyer can change their feedback so long after the purchase. I see potential problems with that.

    I’m also confused as to why feedback older than one year is not considered in the rating.

    I prefer positive, neutral, & negative … but I’m trying to keep from judging too much and see how this system plays out.

  6. says

    I don’t like it either! Puts all the power into the hands of the buyers — just like Ebay did — and it ruined Ebay for the sellers! You can’t really respond adequately. And are they going to make it so the buyer has the power to get someone kicked off Etsy – just like Ebay did? Some people complain over the littlest things — and why should the sellers get blamed for things that are the fault of others (mail/post especially), or because – by virtue of something being – HANDMADE – items are imperfect and subject to ridicule from the pickiest of people. I totally agree with Rmenda! Plus – most of the buyers – who were great, and wonderful and everything went perfectly fine — don’t leave feedback!! So you’ll end up with an abnormal star rating because negative people will leave feedback – positives won’t bother. This is NOT GOOD! I hope they change their minds!

  7. says

    I don’t like it at all!! I feel that Etsy is focusing way less effort on helping support their buyers than they are on coddling the buyers. It has to be balanced. Like a previous poster said “for those 1% of times I have found feedback on buyers to be invaluable”. I’ve had a customer leave negative feedback after they used a product in a way it wasn’t intended to… I offered a refund/exchange and she refused… said she wanted to keep the product… bent over backwards to try to accommodate/resolve and they would not. This is frustrating as a seller with 100% positive feedback previously.

    I think that switching to this system will have sellers moving to a different marketplace. It might be the final straw!

  8. says

    I’d like to thank everyone for sharing their opinions on the new Etsy feedback. I can see that many of you have strong and valid reasons against it.

    I have been selling on Etsy since 2008 and I can remember a buyer in my first few months giving me negative feedback because she said the hair clip I sold was too small. Yes, the size was clearly listed. Yes, I would have easily refunded her, but she never said a word to me. All I can think is that whenever you are in business {any kind of business} there’s always going to be someone that’s not pleased…no matter what. There’s nothing any rating system can do about that except let you delete them…ha!

    I also believe that when you have a ton of good feedback and one negative people will know that you are a great shop to work with anyway. Have a little faith in the shopper’s ability to spot a meany.

    I hoping for the best and that the rating system will be something shoppers are used to seeing and it end up giving them a little nudge of confidence about shopping with me.

    Everyone’s opinion is welcome. I’m not one to argue my point, so please don’t expect me to respond to any negative opinions on what I said. :)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  9. says

    I don’t mind the 5-star vs. positive/negative/neutral aspect of the change, but I agree with a lot of the other comments that it sucks they’re taking away the ability to leave feedback for buyers. It does feel like you have no defense against someone leaving unfair negative feedback… and it’s true a lot of people do not read! Then again, as a shopper, if I see one bad review in a sea of good ones, I’m likely to dismiss the negative. I think most people probably think that way too.

  10. says

    I don’t mind the not being able to leave buyers feedback since once they pay really their end of the transaction is done. I know some sellers used it to leave neutrals or negatives to buyers because the buyer left them one even when the buyer has a valid complaint.

    I think it is a disservice to buyers though since some sellers have vast amounts of feedback but all their good feedback may hide even recent not so good feedback. At least with the percentage you could go and check well maybe it was just a minor issue or maybe it was the seller not providing any customer service at all.

  11. says

    i don’t know. i feel a bit like :( i’m afraid it will be too easy for people to leave 3 or 4 stars if we don’t perform like big box stores. or leave feedback later when something when have broken or not been taken care of. i’m just a bit leary right now :(

  12. says

    This is partly good and partly bad. The five-star rating system sounds good and maybe it will help bring in more sales. But taking away the seller’s ability to leave feedback for buyers is a very bad thing. Ebay has something similar and I had a horrible experience with a buyer there, someone who claimed they never received the item, even though I had verification from the shipper that the buyer signed for it. When confronted with that, they then said they had received the wrong item. Even though I offered their money back if they would return the item, they refused and left me negative feedback. I had to go through a lengthy process with Ebay to get the situation resolved, Ebay took the money out of my Paypal account and refunded them anyway because they filed a grievance against me, and I lost a lot of money on the deal, not to mention my reputation was tarnished for no reason. I had no recourse to leave negative feedback for them or to warn other sellers about this person. I can see the same thing happening on Etsy, this will give buyers all the power and if they don’t like you for any reason or are just unscrupulous, it could lead to disaster for sellers.

  13. Amy says

    I am a buyer, not a seller. I want my buyer feedback returned! I request custom orders from a number of sellers, and my 100% positive feedback lets them know that it’s worth dealing with me, and I’m not going to be a nutso pain to work with. I’ve never left a bad review, either. So quid pro quo – if I’m not receiving feedback, I’m not likely to leave it either.

  14. says

    I don’t like the new system. A lot of people are having trouble finding where to leave feedback. Plus, I only got feedback on 1 out 7 sales. So my shop is rating is based on that one person’s rating??? I guess just feel that people will be scared away because of a low number of ratings.

  15. Dar says

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