Avoiding the Deadliest Trap in Online Business


The best idea in the whole world can’t help you without action.  You can have opportunity, creativity, and friends in high-places to help you out… but it won’t matter if you can’t stay consistent in your action.

I don’t have to look far to see an example of this.  I can look at my own “open projects” and see things that are really important to me and that I think have huge opportunity but have gotten little or no attention from me.

For example: Why have I written only two posts in ten months on Etsypreneur.com?  The answer, I think, applies to all of us in online business and understanding what happened to me could keep you out of trouble!

So head over to Etsypreneur and check out The Hidden Danger of the Internet Opportunity


  1. says

    Indeed opportunities present themselves at the right times.
    Indeed I too experience the danger of doubt.
    Your comments about the internet… and all of the above.
    For writing this article at the very moment I needed confirmation in what I believe, as I rarely have read a truer word in what I have been thinking.
    AND Thank you. Go forth. I will be watching you be even more successful as I travel the path of being an entrepreneur along side you on my own journey.
    Warmly, Nicole

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