7 Summer Travel Inspired Crafts

Summer Travel Inspired Crafts

Summer travel is so much fun, and preserving those memories with creative crafts is a great way to wrap up a fabulous family trip.  We’re big on road trips, beach vacations, camping in the mountains, or any world travel…ha!  I’m always looking forward to our next trip and I love finding creative ways to remember past vacations.

I hope you find these travel inspired craft as inspiring as I do!

map heart art

Map art is a great way to use free city maps!

Travel Craft - DIY State Magnets

State Map Puzzle Magnets are fun to make with your kids.  Look for a vintage puzzle at your next garage sale and make a magnet for each state you visit.

Map Notebook - Travel Craft

Map Travel Journal are the perfect for any type of vacation…make a few and share them!

Fabric Wall Map - Travel Craft

{Fabric Wall Map by Being Brook}

This will inspire future trips, for sure!

map candle diy

Create stunning map candles like these from CSI Project.  Isn’t it beautiful??

Map Jewelry DIY

I would love to have one of these!  Map jewelry is awesome and it always makes a treasured gift for your travel lovin’ friends!

corkboard map

Use a corkboard map to mark all the spots you visited on your trip…fun, fun, fun for the whole family!

What kind of travel inspired crafts have you made?  I can always use new ideas!


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    Love these ideas… especially the map journal… you could even do something like that with the flyers and what not you get from your travels…

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