How to Make Lavender Sachets {Tutorial}

DIY Lavender Sachets...great gifts!

Lavender sachets are my favorite!  I’ve sold hundred of these beautiful sachets over the last couple years on Etsy…they make the best gifts EVER!  Lavender sachets smell fabulous and you can make them out your favorite designer fabric.  It’s an awesome way to use up those pretty fabric scraps, too!

I thought you might like to make some for yourself…and everyone you know.  Trust me,  once you make them for someone they will ask for more.

This simple sewing project is great for Mother’s Day, teachers, thank you gifts, housewarming gifts…you get the idea.  You can make a bunch of them and to have on hand and ready for the next birthday that sneaks up on you.  So, stock up!

Linen Lavender Sachets {DIY Gifts}

Linen sachets have always been one of my favorites…they match everything and make great wedding favors!

Here’s how to sew up a batch of beautiful sachets for yourself…

lavender sachets first steps

  • Cut 5” fabric squares {I usually cut a bunch at once}
  • Stack two squares with the right side facing inside.

Sewing the Lavender Sachet

  • Start sewing about 3/4 of the way down one side and continue around until you have a couple inches left and backstitch with your machine.  You want to leave a big enough opening to work with, so sew slowly.
  • I sew about 1/8” to 1/4” in from the edge.

make a lavender sachet {diy gift}

  • Cut the corners off carefully. This helps the corners look nice when it’s finished.
  • Flip the sachet to show the right side of the fabric on the outside.
  • Flatten a bit and make sure your corners are nice by using your finger to push on the corners from the inside.
  • Sew around the edge again leaving the opening the same size.
  • I roll up some cardstock to use as a funnel and add my dried lavender using a little scoop.  {You can buy dried lavender right here on Amazon.}

lavender sachets - last steps

  • Be sure not to add too much or it will be hard to sew closed!!
  • Shake your sachet to settle the lavender and then hold it carefully while you sew up the opening.

lavender sachet diy on

That’s it!

Once you start making these you will want to make a ton!  I have them all over the house and in my closets.  I’ve thrown them in the car…they make it smell wonderful!

You can make small ones to throw in the dryer.  Your clothes will have a nice light scent.  I’ve used them up to 10 times in my dryer.

Seahorse Sachet {DIY}

Get creative with them.  Use embroidered designs, mix and match fabric, use quilted fabric…whatever.  They all look and smell beautiful!

Turtle Lavender Sachet {DIY}

I’ve made hanging sachets like this one…I love turtles.  I usually bundle up two or three sachets with ribbon or twine.

Lavender Sachets - Make them!

These remind me of little pillows. When you’re finished each sachet measures about 4 inches.

Sometimes I don’t sew around the edge the second time and I get a a chunky sachet {like the linen sachets near the beginning of this post}.  It’s a nice natural look with linen fabric.

Now you know how to make a great little DIY gift!

Have fun!



  1. says

    I love sachets. The best part is that they’re not limited to lavender- I put rose petals and tea in mine. (not together though!)

  2. says

    Kim! I love these and already ordered some lavender through the link. Thank you!

    A few questions:

    Mind if I ask how much these sell for? I’m hoping to make them for a craft event at church soon and searched your etsy shops for prices but had no luck. Any ideas?

    Also, do you ever make your way to Orlando? I’m in northeast Orlando and would LOVE to meet you, if you’re ever in the area, please let me have the honor of meeting you!

    Thanks again for such great info on your site!

  3. Shirley says

    This was my first sewing project EVER. I was so glad that the thread didn’t snap that I got a little carried away and sewed the first on shut! :) thank you so much for the picture tutorial. At least I got that out of the way so when I start making pillows I won’t sew those shut as well!

  4. Alexis says

    How much dried lavender do you purchase and how many sachets does it make? I’m looking to make these for bridal shower favors and have no clue how much lavender to buy! :)

  5. Shelley says

    I have a friend who has asked me to make sachets for her teenage son’s sock drawer. Any suggestion on what to use for a filling? (He tossed the lavender ones she put in there because they were too girly…)

  6. says

    I have a bunch of cedar shavings from all of my shop scraps and was thinking of making sachets for them. Is the fabric anything different to allow the scent out or could I just use whatever fabric I have? I’m feeling a project coming on. . .except I am the world’s worst sew-er.

    • says

      I don’t think burlap will work. The dried lavender could makes its way out too easy. Maybe a double layer of burlap? Let me know if you try it! :)


  7. Katie says

    I’m just learning to sew and I’m making these as stocking stuffers for some family members. I LOVE them! Thanks for the great idea and wonderful directions!

  8. Sarah says

    Hm… only part of that question posted… when you make the linen sachets that you only sewed once around, how do you close the opening at the top without that part looking different? Does that even make sense? Lol. I’m a sewing newbie.

    • says

      Hi Sarah!

      I think I know what you mean. The sachets that look “fat” or over-sized are made with one line of stitching around the outside. Then you flip it. You will want to kinda tuck the area where you fill it in before finishing that spot with a line of sewing. Can you picture that?

      The second look is a bit more finished. Once you sew one line of stiching around the outside edge, flip it, and sew another line around the edge with the pretty side facing out. Leave the opening for filling, fill it, and then tuck it in and sew. It will make the filling spot much harder to find.

      Either way looks great, but one will always show where you filled it. :)

      I hope that helps! I love making these, so I hope you make a bunch!


  9. Anne French says

    Thank you for the tutorial. I want to make some larger ones for our church bazar. Do you have any tips on combining a portion of rice with the lavender? How many cups of lavender do you get to a pound of the flowers on the Amazon site?
    Thank you!

  10. Michelle Baxter says

    Hi-where do you buy your fabric from? Looking for a mix of classic country style and some modern brights…thanks, Michelle

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