Wonderfully Fragrant Handmade Laundry Soap {Video}

A few weeks ago, I shared a how-to post for making DIY Homemade Laundry Detergent. Well, I am still loving it and I think you will too!

We made a video to show the {quite simple} process, and since some of the products are hard to find, we put some easy peasy Amazon links below the video.

—- Easy Peasy Shopping on Amazon —-

Square Jar with Blue Lid
4-Sided Grater


  1. Samantha says

    I’ve been using those same ingredients to make liquid detergent forever, I sometimes add a cup or so of Purex fragrance crystals for the smell. As good as this detergent smells in the bottle/jar, it doesn’t leave much fragrance on laundry.

    • says

      Great point about the smell, Samantha! I’ve noticed that everything just has a fresh, clean smell when I’m finished. It would be a little too much if it smelled like it does right in the jar…even though it’s awesome! Ha!

      Thanks for the helpful comment! :)


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