Organize Your Ribbon {18 Inspiring Ideas}

Organize Your Ribbon {18 Inspiring Ideas} on

Organizing ribbon can be a challenge!  There are so many creative ways to store and display your pretty ribbon, so don’t just hide it in a box or drawer.  Organize it in a beautiful way! 

There’s big ribbon and pretty teeny tiny ribbon, oh how I love it all!  You might understand how buying ribbon is slightly addicting {I might know} and need a few tips to keep it all under control and easy to use.  I’m always looking out for new ideas to organize my supplies

If you love ribbon like I do, then you’ll love these inspiring ribbon organization ideas

Ribbon organization from Craft and Creativity

This beautiful collection of ribbon on Craft and Creativity is perfect, don’t you think?  I love how it’s all so easy to see and looks inspiring at the same time!

organized ribbon on sew homegrown

I know you’ll love this DIY ribbon storage idea from Sew Homegrown.  It’s simple and cute!

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  1. Carol Y says

    I’ve been collecting old clothes pins and wooden spools for this purpose. If I still ate tic tacs, I’d use them for ribbons (or beads). I like the frame look.

  2. says

    I love all of these ideas, but when your ribbon stash is as huge as mine, well, most of those you mentioned wouldn’t even begin to suffice.
    I’d love to post a pic of how I store my huge collection. I have slat boards attached to the wall with shelves and baskets full of ribbon on rolls. It takes up a whole wall in my craft room.
    Suzanne in TX

  3. says

    I agree with Suzann. I have sorta giant rolls and really no way to make it look as totally cute as those tic tact boxes! I have it hanging from a peg rack shelf (the brackets part with an actual shelf) and then a long dowel rod between the two shelf brackets. Not cute, but effective.

  4. Jennifer OLeary says

    I have my ribbons stored in a bin, but I wish I had a craft room to show them off like they have here.. I love all of the ideas the colors are fabulous! I might be able to use some of these ideas anyway!

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