Rosette Necklace Tutorial – DIY Gifts

fabric rosette necklace tutorial

Want to make your own rosette necklace?  Or maybe you’re looking for creative gifts for the girls on your list that have EVERYTHING?

Well, I’ll show you step-by-step how to make these sweet and fabulous fabric rosette necklaces for yourself or to share.  They’re super easy and cheap…really cheap!  This beautiful necklace is the perfect touch to make you look like a million bucks on pocket change. Works for me!

fabric rosette necklace supplies

Start with a few simple supplies:

  • Clear Gel Tacky Glue {I’ve tried other glue and this is my favorite one…just a tip!}
  • Scissors
  • Fabric scraps – I used a linen type fabric, enough to tear 5 strips measuring 2-2 1/2” wide and 15” in length
  • 18-20” chain with connectors and clasp
  • Pliers {or you can use a completed chain}

The fabric is easy to rip if you make a tiny cut at the top of your fabric and gently start to tear.  It should tear straight with a nice messy edge.

Rosettes_thumb (1)

Make a ton of rosettes and add them to your gifts, make bracelets, decorate your home or create hair accessories.  You’ll be hard to stop once you start!

For this necklace I made 3 large rosettes {finished size 2-2 1/2”} and 2 smaller ones {finished size 1 3/4”}.

fabric rosette necklace collage 1

Step 1 – Start by folding the fabric in half and roll a tight center…maybe 4 or 5 rolls.

Step 2 – Add glue and start to twist your fabric like shown in the photo above.  fabric rosette necklace collage 2 Step 3 – Keep working your way around by adding a drop of glue and twisting every half turn or so.  Just try to keep it tight.

Step 4 – Once you reach the desired width of your rosette just cut the strip of fabric with 1-2” of fabric left.

Step 5 – Add a drop of glue to the bottom, center of your rosette {this is where you were holding it to start with}.

fabric rosette necklace collage 3

Step 6 – Fold the the fabric strip over the bottom of your rosette to secure it.  Trim if needed.

Once you have made all five flowers and they have been able to dry for 24 hours, you can finish your necklace.

Step 7 – Cut your chain to the desired length and attach the clasp with the connectors.

Step 8 – Line up your flower and cut a few pieces of fabric to attach to the back of the rosettes and hold them in the right shape.

fabric rosette necklace collage 4 Step 9 – Flip your rosettes upside down and glue them to the fabric strips with the chain sandwiched inside.

Step 10 – Let it dry overnight.

Step 11 – Trim away the extra fabric.

fabric rosette necklace final photo 1

 That’s it!

fabric rosette necklace tutorial photo

Now you can make one in every color!  I get compliments on it wherever I go and I plan to make a few more for gifts.

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Have fun!



  1. Ally says

    I cannot do this for the life of me!
    Mine is not “spreding out” or flat it’s thing tall, rolled
    up mess… You don’t have a video on youtube showing how to do it do you? A video would be great!
    Is it because I’m using cotton fabric?

    • says

      Hi Ally,

      It can be a little tricky. I plan to do a video, but I’m sure it will be after the 1st of the year. Once you have made a few rings around the center try to hold the rosette in a different way. Let go of the center part you were holding and work you rosette a bit to make it flat. Once the center is flat it should be a little easier to continue. Don’t give up. You can do it! I made a few funky flowers before I got it right. Once you do, it’s super easy!


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