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I would love a craft room that’s organized and functional for every craft idea I come up with, but I REALLY want it to be beautiful! I don’t care if it’s a closet or an attic! I crave the inspiration that comes from sitting in a space that makes me feel creative and happy.

So, here’s a bit of inspiration for you…


I am addicted to baskets of all shapes and size!  How could you NOT love these vintage wire baskets?!

Organizing your craft room can make a world of difference when you start your next project.  You’ll know what you have and won’t make unnecessary trips to the store or buy something you have but can’t find!  {I might have a bit of experience with that…ha!}


Vintage suitcases are one of my favorite things. I don’t even know how that happened. Maybe it’s my love of travel, or the thought of far away cities the suitcase may have visited over the years. For whatever reason, I adore them and you’ll find photos of them over here on a regular basis.

They’re a great storage option for those items you don’t want to see all the time. {I have my share of those!}


What do you think about this? I love, love, love the idea of storing fabric in vintage suitcases!

I have two of these beauties that I’ve been dying to use for sometime special. And I’m planning on printing out some of these sweet little labels from Just Something I Made. Go download some for yourself!


This is one of my favorite fabric storage solutions from Holly’s Street!  Whoa…that’s all I can say!


Check out The Sometimes Crafter to learn how to make these cute fabric scrap baskets. I hate to throw away pieces I might be able to use later. They’re a great way to store you fabric scraps and they look fun to make.

I’ll be back with more organizing tips as I straighten my supplies up!

Do you have a great storage tip?  I’d love to hear about it!  I can use all the help I can get!



If you love organization ideas… you should see this beautiful list of DIY ideas:

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    I’m always on the lookout for CUTE storage for my scrapbooking supplies too but somehow functionality always wins out! Fortunately vintage jars work great for storing flowers and ribbons and make it so easy to see what I have on hand (and they look pretty!). I also use antique {square-ish} serving dishes to hold small cuts of cardstock that I use for my scrapbooks. Makes it easy to flip through when I’m looking for a particular color. Maybe someday I’ll have a workspace that’s perfectly coordinated…but for now my studio is just very functional.

  2. says

    Great ideas! I found you on Pinterest:) I use those huge old mason jars for storing anything small, vintage scrabble tiles, vintage games pieces, bakelite buttons, dice and dominoes.. etc. etc.

  3. says

    You always make me want to light a match to my studio! i found that whatever storage i use it must be see through so at a glance I can find it…baby food jars, votive holders make great storage to organize my buttons. Clear bins work well for yarn. But of course there are some things behind wooden doors….don’t want to see!

  4. says

    I started organizing a week before Christmas – both my craft area & my bedroom. I wish I had more hours in the day because I’d LOVE to have a fraction of a beautiful space that you share on here. ((sigh)) maybe someday. Happy (early) New Year!

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    I bought two green storage bins from Pier 1. They look like grain feeders. Each one has 6 bins. My fabric is stored in there. When I ran out of room there, lol, I hung up a sweater holder in my closet. I store the rest of my fabric in there.I am also hooked on baskets and suitcases.

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    I love the idea of keeping fabric in vintage suitcases! Do you lable the suitcases somehow so you know what fabric is in them? Do you sort them by color? Very, very cute!

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    I love these storage ideas!
    I got help from the book “Organizing from the Inside Out” to help me with my basic organization decisions – it helped a lot!

    p.s. found this link on your facebook!

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    I use baskets and small shallow boxes at each of the work stations in my magnet studio at to hold the items that I need for what I am working on. That way I can use a work table for more than one function and change it easily by keeping the table clear and using the various baskets on a shelf above.

  9. says

    I dream of one day being able to photograph my very own studio!

    Currently I’m spread out over the entire house with bits and bobs in every room and cupboard.

    One day….please God!

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