Felt Christmas Trees & Ornament Exchange

felt trees

Wool felt is one of my all-time favorite things to play around with when I’m in a creative mood.  The holiday spirit is starting to kick in around here and this is what I was working on over the weekend…felt Christmas trees!

Don’t you love the colors?!  It doesn’t all have to be red, green or white.  These are going to become sweet little handmade ornament to add to the top of some packages.  I’ll share some photos when I’m done.

Would you like one?  I’d love to share some with you!  If you would like to exchange a Christmas ornament just leave a comment.

I’ll pick 5 comments and we’ll trade a little handmade holiday cheer!

**To keep it simple I’ll exchange an ornament with the first 5 comments. :)


You can find these beautiful colors of wool felt in my shop…KimberlyLayton.com!


  1. Jessica Noethlich says

    Hi Kim-
    I ♥ the bright colors!!! It’s just my 2 daughters and I, so our Christmas tree is decked out in hot pink and silver! :)
    I just started Christy Tomlinson’s new Online Workshop, “The 12 Artsy Ornaments of Christmas”, so I absolutely LOVE the idea of exchanging ornaments! :)
    happyisyellow (at) live (dot) com

  2. Anna says

    Hi Kim!

    Making felt Christmas ornaments have been a tradition in my family for 3 generations! My grandma made them (her creations were so unique and her ornaments lasted, literally, decades!), she taught my mom, and then my mom taught me. I am just starting on some new ones for this year (a few mittens, gingerbread men, ice skates, etc…). It would be fantastic to do an exchange with you!

    Merry Christmas, Anna

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