5 Tips for Etsy Product Photography

1eetsy {August Blossoms camera straps}

Hello friends!

333 My name is Kristen Duke, and I am a portrait photographer in Austin, Texas.  I am also a big fan of all things crafty, some of which you will find featured on my site. I am often asked to photograph items for those with Etsy stores because everyone knows that a well photographed image is what sells.

I can offer a few tips for those of you out there who are struggling to get great images.   When photographing products for your Etsy store, think of these 5 rules:

5eetsy{Onsie by The Wishing Elephant}

1.  Be as close to natural window light as possible. Don’t have the window behind the product or you will get backlight/dark product images.  Stand at the side of the window and shoot your products with the window light shining on it.  Baby is facing the window and it is behind me, but I am to the side photographing.


{The Wishing Elephant}

3eetsy {3 outfits by La Tee da Kids}

2.  Have samples up close as well as pulled back along with something “average size” to compare the product to.  If it is a child’s product, have that product in their hands or on them.  Think of magazine ads, having someone use the product shows it off so much more than just a sample.

2eetsy{Headband by Ruffles n Fringe}

3.  Design a background to make the product more interesting instead of just on a solid surface.  You can use fabric, scrapbook paper, tablecloths, even clothing laid out flat as a background. Below, I have a colorful quilt in the background.

4. Use a white poster board on the side of the product (but outside of view) to add to the window light, as if it is a reflector.  Anything white in the area will add more light to your setup.

5.  Always put your name, watermark, website on your images in case they get pinned (or taken without permission) others will always know to come back to you because your name is on the image.

01 copyXblog

If you try all of these tips and still aren’t getting the best results, I can help you with your photography skills as well! My book is written for the very beginner in photography, teaching steps to take your camera off of the auto and into the manual settings.  To learn more about it, click on Say NO to Auto:)

Photography help is always appreciated around here!  Thanks, Kristen!


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    Hi Kristen, I have read lots of instructions online on how to take photographs of jewelry. As you said, I just get confused and my camera may not even have those buttons. The lessons are usually for people with expensive camera equipment. I just bought your book and hope it will help me. My current pictures do not do justice to my jewellery. I will let you know if it will help me.

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