Etsy Shop SEO Tip of the Week – Week 1

We come across so much great SEO information for Etsy Sellers that we thought we should start trying to keep it organized so you can find it. We have a new category called Etsy Shop SEO.

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Encourage Reviews in The Directory

As the web grows, people get more and more savvy. Look in the mirror, you’re reading a post about SEO right now! Did you expect that?

One of the tricks savvy web shoppers often use is the “review” search. This is where you search for the item or business you’re considering with the word “review” on the end of the search.

We designed the review system at the Everything Etsy Directory with this search practice in-mind. And it works! See the below Google Search for Verdant Violet Reviews. (Verdant Violet has the most reviews so far)


You see that the very top result is her directory listing and it shows the number of reviews.

All of the biggest retailers out there are using reviews to help people know what others are saying about a product or seller. We’ve grown to count on feedback from real people to help us in our buying decisions.

How To Get Reviews

1. Ask for them!

Verdant Violet has quite a few reviews and she got them quickly, so it appears that she simply asked a few customers if they would mind coming over and sharing their thoughts on her products.

2. Link to them!

If you would rather not ask directly for reviews, here is a great way to do it:

  • Do your best to get customers to your website or blog. Maybe have a “customer appreciation page” that offers customers a coupon code or current special. (you would mention that page to every purchaser)
  • On your website or blog, include a very prominent graphic or text link that says “Leave a Review” or something like that which lets customers know that you have this option. Link that to your Directory Listing. (you get the URL to your directory listing by clicking on the shop name and getting to a page with only your listing)

There’s plenty of ways to get your customers to write a review for you. And they can be good for business long-term. Just be careful to address bad ones, because they can backfire! (to be sure you don’t miss any reviews on your listing, you can subscribe to the reviews for your listing in the “leave a review” area.)

The directory has over 1100 shops listed! Search for shops (and suppliers!) you’ve bought from. Maybe you can help someone get started with a great review. If your shop isn’t listed yet, add your listing today!

Update: Gena from Verdant Violet shares great info on how she got those reviews in the comments below… (if they aren’t visible in this view, click on the word “comments”) – Thanks, Gena!


  1. says

    Wow, I’m thrilled to learn that my shop has the most reviews! And yes, I simply asked for them. I’m terrified of asking for favors so I got around the awkwardness of directly asking by mentioning in a blog entry that my shop is in the directory and that if you’ve bought something from my shop I would love to have your review. I included a link and info about the easy registration process. And several nice customers came through for me! One of the reviews is not from a customer but from the recipient of a gift that a customer bought. She loved her gift and really wanted to leave feedback for me so it was great to have the EverythingEtsy review since she couldn’t leave feedback on Etsy. Thanks Kim and Tim for providing the directory for us and for our customers!

  2. says

    I’d love to leave a text link on Etsy, but have they changed it to where you can add html in the announcement? Or anywhere in the shop for that matter?

    Also, if I sent a mass email to my customers asking for a review (meaning past customers whose transactions are already complete), is that considered spam? I mean, I have several loyal customers who wouldn’t consider it that, but overall, is it?

    Love to get some feedback from you and anyone else who wants to chime in! I love this idea, by the way!

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