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I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and you’re feeling refreshed and recharged!  We had a great weekend around here and then homeschool evaluations for my boys.  Well, I can’t even begin to explain how homeschool evaluations get me all worked up every year.  It never fails to stress me out!  The boys did fabulous and now we get to take a little break before starting up again.  It’s time to enjoy Summer!

Since my brain is a bit jumbled I thought I’d share a little craft room {or corner of the room…he he} inspiration with you.  These always make me happy, so I hope you enjoy them too!


I’ve gone through my phase of “bigger is better” with my craft area, but now I’m all about cute and compact work spaces.  I love how this little desk sports lots of little extras to keep it all organized and looking great…check out the purse hook and the pen holder on the side.

You can put this desk anywhere and be able to create something beautiful without needing a whole room.  Oh, and what about this chair with the lovely fabric…I want one just like it!

What a splash of color! Just go vertical with your supplies using pegboard and spray paint.  {Spray paint rules…just sayin’!}  Then you just add the hooks and shelves you need without using up your precious desk top space.  This chair is pretty awesome, too…I have chair envy today!

If you haven’t had you’re fill of craft space beauty, just visit our craft space inspiration section for lots more!

What size space do you have for your craft or sewing area?  Do you store your supplies in a closet or have them right there and ready to use?  I’d love to hear about your little creative spaces!


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  1. says

    Kim, I always love these craft area pictures! They are so inspiring. Thank you!
    I have recently claimed an unused corner of the basement for my craft area. I found a free long narrow desk and hung pegboard on the wall next to it. I also have 2 bookcases, an armoire and an old, round pine table that dates back to 1923 from my husbands family. My dilemma is how to give it the cheery cottage look I want to work in as the rest of the basement is burnt pumpkin and cream colors. I will be working on it this summer. Right now I’m just grateful for the space!
    Enjoy your summer!!

  2. says

    Hi Kim…love the bit about being over the “bigger is better” phase. Me too! I have so much stuff and space that I am overwhelmed. This is a great inspiration to dial down and focus on a neat and tidy workable space. Who knows what I’ll find. Thanks and happy summer. Priscilla :)

  3. says

    I am thrilled to see these adorable little crafting space.
    I have a small crafting desk in between the kitchen and the living room, simply out of necessity. I decided our guests could actually have the guest room :) and I would craft near the TV.
    The small space works really well for me, and it’s REALLY EASY to keep clean.

  4. says

    I love the color combo in the first one, I’m not brave enough for all that white where I am bound to work, I’m too, too, messy. But I love it all the same! I need a classier chair in my work space, to replace my two current ones ((roller chair & exercise ball)), those are both great!

  5. says

    Oh wow, the pegboard idea is great! I have plenty of closet space, but not enough storage at my desk. Looks like I might be commissioning my husband for a little project!

  6. says

    I LOVE the first one. So super cute.

    I currently have a whole room, but not for much longer. My sewing desk, that folds up like the first desk, and I are taking over the dining room. Smaller space, but I think it could turn out to be more efficient!

  7. says

    I didn’t know you homeschool…we do too! We don’t have to do evaluations though. Already graduated two and have three years left…sadness.

    I’m contemplating taking over my daughter’s room for my studio, but that means she won’t have a room when she visits :(

  8. Kimberlee says

    I have the same desk that you show in the first picture. It is from Ikea, mine has the matching hutch. It is my only sewing space. I do have odds and ends stashed elsewhere, but mainly everything happens in that one spot. I would love a bigger space, but…

  9. says

    Although a little prim for my tastes, I fully appreciate the need for a simple and elegant space to work in. My space is a bit more frantic and in a constant state of flux and disarray.

  10. says

    Such pretty little spaces for crafting!
    Here’s some encouragment from a veteran homeschool mom: Don’t stress over evaluations. You know how your children progressed during the school year. Keep up the good work! You and your children will reap invaluable benefits for your effort. Enjoy summer with your family!

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