10 Inspiration Boards…Oh My!


Are you ready to be inspired?

Inspiration boards can do wonders for you creativity and they look oh so beautiful!  There’s something about seeing little bits of fabric, your photos and any other inspiring scraps all in one spot.  It like a celebration of the things you love!

I know this inspiration board caught my eye because I have yellow walls.  It stands out against a splash of color like this…how cheerful!

How stylish! You don’t need a corkboard to create a fabulous inspiration board.


Mix in photos, invitations, quotes…whatever makes it yours. {Oh, and don’t you want this chair?  Wow!}

ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 20 10.27

These are insulation boards from your local home improvement store covered in colorful fabric.  What’s not to love here?


I’m so inspired by this board it makes my heart go pitter patter…for real!  Great colors!


Chicken wire and clothes pins rock!


This board looks like it took a little planning.  I love the letters!


Got a hang up with a traditional inspiration board?  Try this!


This inspiration board is super inspiring…don’t you think?


I know…It’s amazing! I would be very inspired if this was my house!

I hope you found a bit of inspiration here and realized that there’s no “right” way to create an inspiration board.  Big or small…I never saw an inspiration board I didn’t like.

Want to see more? Visit Everything Etsy’s collection of Inspiration Boards on Pinterest!

Do you have an inspiration board? I’d love to hear about it, or you can leave us a link in the comments!



  1. says

    Hello Kim,
    I love the simplicity of board #2.

    The fact that it has birds grabbed my attention also

    For me, a too cluttered board does not work. I have to be able to really see each inspiring item to really appreciate it.

    I don’t think as clearly in a cluttered room…same principle applies.

    Great choices..thanks for sharing

    Janet xox

  2. says

    hey those pins on the grey and yellow one, are neat, I wonder if they’re the same type used to pin specimens down for dissection? If they are, I think this is a much better use for them!

  3. says

    For me, most of the boards have too much stuff on them…a little overwhelming but I do love the gray and yellow board and the one with the teal, butterflies and birds.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. says

    LOVE this post! I’ve been collecting tears from magazines and what not for quite a while…just haven’t gotten around to creating my inspiration board. You just gave me renewed motivation to get that little project done! Thank you!!


  5. says

    I do, I do!!
    I wish I knew how to put a picture of it here :) so I could show it off!
    But I love all of these! I may just have to get inspired to do another one.

  6. says

    Great ideas! I bought some supplies {years ago} for an inspiration board and never followed through with it. Now I want to get started! I’m including the link to this post on my site. Thank you.

  7. says

    Love this post!! I always tear inspirational finds out of magazines and pin them on my wall. Right now I have two rows of sting up with nails and photos, cards and magazine clippings up with mini clothes pins.

    I love being surrounded by inspirational and beautiful things!

  8. wendy says

    great post! I love looking and getting inspired by inspiration boards and artists work space.


  9. says

    My husband and I created a vision board when we were house hunting. I incorporate feng shui in my vision boards by assigning colors to the right area of the (bagua)board. In the center I cut out a house out of yellow foam board because yellow represents Family and health and is assigned to the center area in a Feng Shui bagua. We attached pictures and words of all that we were looking for in a home, nice neighbors, etc. We found a home, bought it and one day I realized this-we purchased a yellow home! And we have nice neighbors!

  10. says

    These boards are all so creative, beautiful and fun. I have a bulletin board in my work space where I put ideas and things that I love, but I have not gone to this level! Thank you so much for sharing these… I’m now inspired to make my bulletin board as amazing as these.

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