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Yes, my name is Kim and I’m addicted to Pinterst!!

Don’t know what it is?  I wrote a post on Pinterest a few months ago when I first got the hang of it and I haven’t stopped pinning yet.  It’s kinda fun and relaxing…like looking through a magazine.  Here’s a bit {well, a bunch} more information on how Pinterest works – 5 Reasons To Use Pinterest.

A few of my latest pins…





Maybe you can give it a try this weekend.  If you need an invite, just email me your email address and I’ll see if I can send you an invitation.  {The invitation part is a little strange, but I guess they have their reasons.}

All these pins and LOTS more can be found on my Pinterest boardsCome join me…but watch out, it’s addicting!

Happy Friday!



  1. Kathy says

    A longtime friend posted a Pinterest pin on FB and I happened to see and follow the link – that was about 2 mo ago & I and have been consumed since, while my work/household chores/kid stuff/meal planning, etc pile up around me… hee hee! I honestly have to set up time boundaries or I get lost.
    But, it has also inspired me to make fun time for myself and I’ve tried a couple new projects and have had a blast!
    I’ve told a couple of friends about it, but for whatever reason (?), I’m being selective… maybe it’s a secret world I share with strangers & that’s what makes it so lovely?

  2. says

    Οh, I must say I’m an addict too! I can’t stop browsing through every possible category but also, whatever i see around the web now is a potential pin for me! hahaha Now it’s so easy to have all these inspiring images kept in one place and having their original sources too. I LOVE IT!

  3. says

    I’ve been doing some browsing myself. LOVE it!! Although I don’t understand the invite??? Can you tell me? Do you get to set up a page of your likes?

  4. says

    I’ve found a lot of neat stuff on there since my friend sent me an invitation a week or so ago. I am now “following” you. :) (my user name is Tammy S)

  5. says

    I am SOOOOO addicted to Pinterest. It’s amazing how much cool stuff there is to find on there, then it’s all in one place to refer back to! Also, my lack of control with Pinterest is the reason I’m fighting back a fatigue migraine today at work.

  6. Mimi says

    Ooops, forgot… can you invite me so that I can experience Pinterest like everyone else, right now I can only look around (I think) Thanks!!

  7. says

    Looking at your post, and the comments, I daren’t go there. :o) I’m too easy to reel in and I need another internet addiction like a hole in the head ;o) 😀

  8. says

    This is the second time this week someone has mentioned Pinterest. I’d love an invite, I’ve just got to check this out!

    sarah dot buckingham at sbcglobal dot net

  9. says

    ugh, Ok…. so I read your post a few weeks back about this, I did check out your linked page.. now I wanna see/do more but need invite. Would you be so kind please Kim?

    ~Casey Marie

  10. says

    I’ve been looking at someone else’s Pinterest page and would love to create my own — not that I have the time :-)
    But I’ll give it a try if I get an invite:
    hestiaknits at yahoo dot com.
    Thanks, Kim

  11. says

    I don’t have a Pinterest account (YET!), however I have also noticed a HUGE jump in my blog views due to Pinterest! I really love it!! People are pinning my tutorials and craft projects, and especially my cash envelope tutorials! VERY fun! I LOVE Pinterest!!

  12. says

    I think I got everyone! If I missed sending you an invite, just email me.

    I noticed some of you are having trouble pinning. You do have to download their toolbar for it to work.

    Have fun!


  13. says

    I’m cautiously going to try this. Although I don’t actually NEED another obsession, I am fairly open with handing you my trust with these sorts of things. Now if I start to bring home bags of felt, that’s another issue entirely!
    Have a marvelous day, my dear!

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