How Fewer Blog Comments Equals Opportunity

Did you know that blog commenting overall has reduced over the last couple of years?

ImageIt’s not that people aren’t talking anymore, it’s just that they have more places to talk, and they don’t have more time, so something has to give. More activity on Facebook, or Twitter = Fewer comments on blogs. Generally speaking.

Did you think it was just you? Maybe people don’t like your writing anymore? Nope. It’s an across the board shift. It’s also an opportunity in disguise.

Fewer Comments Could Mean More Clicks

If you’re like me, you often read the comments when you read a blog post. Especially a post that has particular interest to you. I do, and when I do, I often click through on interesting comments or commenters. Call me nosey.

That’s how information spreads online. That’s the beauty of the community and the beauty of links.

So, if a post had 100 comments, and you left one then using simple math you have 1 in 100 chance of getting a click on that. (not totally true, because the first comments get the most clicks) If a post has 10 comments and you’re one of those, then your chances just went up ten-fold. Right? Sorta?

That’s it. Just thinking out loud. Just thinking that it’s a bigger opportunity than it looks like (maybe than it feels like) to go out there and comment on lots of blogs.

Plus, I’ve been told that bloggers are exceptionally needy emotionally. You’re doing a good thing when you say hello. I’m just sayin’.

~ Kim

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    Good point. I’ve really gotten bad about lurking in Blogland and not commenting. Now that I’ve started a blog for my shop, I’ll need to speak up more often.

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    Hi! I like the post, and you’re right, we are a little needy. It’s like comments validate what you write and produce, and when you don’t get any, you think that no one like it. I’m totally with ya, girl. We do need the comment love :)

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    My blog has never had very much commenting activity but it’s definitely gone down in the past year. I do tend to comment on a post with fewer comments, not because I hope to get a click (but that’s nice to get a visit, too) but because I think if someone already has a billion comments, they can’t possibly read them all so why bother with my time and if you’ve read one “i agree!” or “very pretty” or “well said”, you’ve read them all.

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    I’ve noticed the same trend. My comments are way down (although they’ve never been very high). I;m not commenting as much either. I feel more like I’m a peeping Tom peeking in on my favorites and then moving on to the next. I must rethink this now that I’ve read this article. My comment may just make someones day. I know comments left on my blog make my day. :)

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    Hello Kim,

    Yes we have all been there. I love when comments are left on my blog but have also noticed the shift, people will comment about my blog on my facebook page. I am ok with that but I have been leaving more bloggy love of late to get them back to my blog.


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    I’ll confess that I’m one of those emotionally needy bloggers. Every couple of weeks, I have a “why am I even blogging?” breakdown and whine to my husband {usually when I comment on a blog with over 100 comments already and still haven’t gotten a comment that week}. Then, he assures me that somewhere out there is a person that enjoys reading what I write, but is too busy to comment.

    Thank you, Kim, for taking his side. :)

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    I too have noticed the shift but keep commenting because I know how good it makes me feel to get them. It’s nice knowing that someone out there heres your voice and thoughts. I also believe that the comments build a sense of Accountability. If I am getting comments then I know that people are out there and care enough to come by my blog so I have got to step up my game and blog more.
    Come by and comment :)

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    well, I’m #9, I wonder if I’ll get any click throughs? heheh. I have been commenting a little less since tweeting more in the last couple weeks but I still comment if I have more than 5-word reactions. Also because I love seeing comments on my blog so I hope to make someone else happy too.
    Have a great day!

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    Thank you for the post. I’m 5 months into blogging and haven’t gotten up to a high comment mark, but I do see traffic. I’ve seen the most comments with thrifting post but this last week not so much. I’ll stay positive and as long as I have traffic then I guess that’s good.

    Oh and I do comment on other blogs because I know it makes me happy when others comment on mine.

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    I will comment on a topic that I feel passionate about. But if there are 100 comments I most likely won’t make a comment unless I feel as though there is something I need to share. I’m busy with a 4 moth old and a 4 year old so my time is limited.

    For the most part the people who comment on my blog are people who I’ve built up a relationship with. I visit their blogs and comment and they reciprocate and along the way we’ve become blog buddies. If someone comments on my blog who I don’t know I’m more likely to check them out so there’s that too.

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    Hey Kim,
    I agree with Tami, I tend to have a blog following of mostly good blog friends around the world. We can count on each others comments and that is a very nice thing. I also do not bother to comment on the big blogs…as if The Pioneer Woman would ever visit and leave me a comment. How can she even be reading all those comments and do all the other stuff she says she does??? Just wondering.
    I don’t worry so much about the number of comments. I check my stats ( and I know what kind of traffic and how long they are spending during their visit. That’s enough for me.

    Good post…have a lovely weekend

    Janet xox

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    Interesting view point! I love to read blogs and go through phases where I comment on many posts. I need to add more blog time to my daily routine-taking the time to be more communicative!

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    Thanks for all the comments! Ha! Looks like lots of us get a little boost {at least} from the comments on our blogs.

    One thing I think about reading your thoughts is that it might have sounded like I only advocate comments for the clicks! I was just thinking in terms of marketing for growing etsy sellers as I was writing. I was in the “sell, sell, sell” zone!

    There’s a whole other thought process that goes into commenting for the relationships and friendships we build through our blogs. That’s something I do just because of the person behind the blog and has nothing to do with clicks, links, or marketing.

    So there is even MORE reasons to comment than I was thinking about! :-)

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    I’m a lurker most of the time, but am trying to break the habit! I know I love comments on my own blog, so I need to share the wealth and do some commenting myself on occasion.

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    This is so true! I often see visits that come directly from the comment I left on another blog somewhere out there. It is a great way to find other people with similar interests!

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    Ohhh…where to start…you just have to comment on a post about commenting, right?

    1- Beth K. I think the best way to get one-timers to become readers is to give them choices to connect with you. They might subscribe via rss or want to follow you on twitter or FB. The ultimate is if you can get them to sign up for your email newsletter, since that’s the one way you can reach them instead of having to wait for them to come to you.
    The key is to give them choices so they can pick their favorite. If you have great content you can woo them back over and over again.

    2 – Just in general this post got me thinking about the level of engagement vs. the # of comments. I wonder if you add up tweets and FB likes plus comments if that would be an even higher number than what comments used to be in the good ol’ days :)

    I’m building my blog right now and even though I don’t have people commenting on it yet – I’m encouraged by the other signs of engagement – like twitter follows and RTs, FB likes, subscribing, etc. (of course if anyone wanted to give me some comment love I wouldn’t say no!).

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    great post. I’ve had the same thoughts as Tami; if there are 100s of comments on a blog, I won’t usually comment but if it is something I feel strongly about, I’ll jump in.

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    Interesting thoughts, I like the math 😉 I comment on anything I find interesting. I hope that commenting is helping my blog & my shops, but I’m not certain that it is. I like that the odds are better, though!

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    Interesting thoughts. I only comment if it is 1) easy or 2) a newish blogger or 3) I really want to leave a comment.

    If you blog on blogger, make sure you have your comments set to pop open in a new window. When it is set to comment right below the post, you have to click FOUR times in order to get your comment to post. I have stopped commenting on a lot of blogs because it is such a huge hassle.

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    I love leaving comment on posts that I like because I know how much I enjoy getting comments. I too enjoy reading comments that others leave and especially here, they are always so insightful and sometimes very helpful!

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    You know what though, Kim, I think (for me anyway) what seems to be more of the issue, are the readers.

    I know if I am reading a blog through my Google Reader, it is a huge pain to leave it to click on and then comment a blog. Or, if I am receiving it directly to my inbox (like yours) I actually have to nav to your post to comment.

    If they could fix that, it’d be so much easier.

    That was the only redeeming thing about Myspace blogging. Super easy subscription list, and easy commenting and replying directly to posts.

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    I noticed that on my first blog i was up to 755 followers but only got comments when i had a drawing. Then i moved to wordpress and the people who really read my blog actually came along. And i’ve started asking questions in my posts to encourage people to comment.

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    “I’ve been told that bloggers are exceptionally needy emotionally.” US??? NO!!!!! 😉

    I’ve noticed on mine, too…not that I had a beaucoup of comments anyway.

    You make an interesting point, Kim!

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    I have been out of the personal blogging loop for a while, took a year off and now trying the review blog thing. Before this new life, I have been blogging about seven years. I was part of a fairly large blog circle back in the day. I can tell you that facebook and twitter killed alot of blogs. Once those two took off, comments went down the drain. I think there is only one or two of us that even blog anymore. Now we update status’s.

    Also, RSS took a lot of victims as well. People getting too lazy to click over. Not like when you had to actually go to someone’s blog to see if they updated…and since you were there you commented.

    I sometimes miss they good old days. Alot.

    *btw, there is a firefox plugin where you can comment straight from google reader

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    As a brand new blogger I can’t tell anything about my comments as I haven’t started receiving them but I can definitely talk about being a follower; as you already pointed out there are many blogs to follow and I like reading them every day. I have to admit most of the time I don’t leave comments just to be able to read a little more in my spare time. So the result is: less comments, more reading.

    I also read the comments and start discovering new blogs, I love that (noooo that’s not being nosey :D).

    I must admit, lately I’m trying to leave more comments and seriously take the time to form and express my feelings and ideas in the written form because now I know how it feels when you publish your post and start waiting for some reaction and I know I could use some comments too…

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    Very interesting post. Leaves me wondering if my website I sign up with in the “Leave a Comment” section should be my blog or my etsy site.

    Like all bloggers, I’d like comments on my blog!

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    Is it ironic that we are all posting on this post? :)

    But really, I’m very thankful for your advice. I just recently started a blog and I am looking for all of the helpful tips I can get!

    Thanks for doing what you do!

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