Etsy Shop SEO {Video Tutorial}

Well my goodness!  It’s a week of new things here at Everything Etsy!  First the Everything Etsy Directory which has had close to 400 Etsy Shops submitted in four days! Now our first in-depth video tutorial.

I have to admit, it was fun to make!  It was kind of like Tim and I playing “radio show” as he handles most of the techy side of things while I try and pry out the things that he thinks are obvious and push him past the things that make normal people slip into a coma. :-)

This is an in-depth demonstration and the video lasts 22 minutes.  But the tips could prove to be very valuable to you in the long-run, so if you have questions about how to optimize your site for search engines, you’ll love it.

For more information, check out the post from last year that spells out the details of keyword research.

We hope it was helpful!  Feel free to embed the video on your blog if you would like to share it, and if you’re left with questions or have any comments, leave them here!



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    Thank you guys so much, I’ve been trying to figure out SEO forever. Okay, so now I’m taking my time and redoing my listings. Hey, loved the shop you used in the video, lol.

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    Great video and conversation! Thanks. This reinforces the etsy success lessons last week. I went back into my two shops and corrected the key words in the shop description as well as renamed my items. I came up as the 8th listing on google and the 1st etsy shop for the main specialty of my shops. — michele

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    Thank you so much, this is such helpful info, I can see I have a lot of work to do on my website.
    It is so helpful to see what needs to be done, rather then just reading the info.
    Thank you again.
    Kim, I love your blog.

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    Thanks so much, this was very helpful! I do have one question. How do you change your shop description? In the upper left corner I see my title, but I don’t know how to add text below it.

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    Thanks so much for this great video! Very informative and interesting. I would love to see more videos on your site. I’m going to get started changing my listings asap!

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    Loved the video, you guys are adorable…great information, clarified things, great explanation. Thank you, would love to have more.
    Best 2 U,

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    is there any reason that I would get this code error that you would know about??? VerifyError: Error #1014: Class could not be found.

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    Wow! The first time I’ve heard SEO explained so clearly. And I’m in marketing! This video was a terrific resource, and showing examples and where to find stuff really helped to clarify. Thank you so much – I’ll be back for more. Well done!

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    This is great! Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video. I was just thinking that I needed to learn more about SEO but the topic seemed so daunting. You made this easy to understand with so much useable information. Awesome!

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    Hi Kim, I commented a few days ago how helpful your SEO video is, I had my husband watch it with me and we have a question that I hope you can answer. On the website you used there was a blue line above where your husband clicked on to use the keyword list, hope I’m making myself clear, we are trying to figure out how to get the same on my website. We downloaded the Google Chrome that your husband mentioned, but it does not seem to help.
    Any advise or help would be appreciated Sorry this is so long.
    Thank you

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    I know what I’m going to be doing today…making sure I’ve used all the correct keywords in my listings! Thanks for the help!! I love reading blogs but I don’t have my own. Any way you could put together another “radio” show and tell us how to go about it? I’m scared to start because I don’t think I’ll get followers. How do you get followers??

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    Thanks so much for the information! I’m a pretty new shop, 1 month in business, and I just changed all my listing titles. I didn’t even know about Google Adwords, what a great help!!

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    Thank you so much for doing this video. I am so new I did not even know what SES was. Now I know and will go back and redo my tittles. I am really not very good with the technology side, but your site is a great help. Thank you!

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    Thank you so much for this very helpful video!! Seo had been a major frustration for me and you have made it much more understandable for us non techy types.

    Thanks again :)

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    Just saw your video and it was great! Very informative ~ I’m going to start trying this out right away. Can’t wait to see your Link Building video. Thanks so much for all this great info!

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    I LOVE THIS! As the two of you went through the tips I followed, pausing frequently, to edit 2 of my listings! I would really love to learn more about blogging because my blog doesn’t show up in SEO searches and no one is following and no one has left a comment except my Mom. :( I feel a re-vamp is in order and I should refocus the blog to be about me and my media adventure and the goods I sell. Do I really need to pay someone to help me set up my blog?

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    Thanks so much! I feel like I have a nice foundation and a more confident understanding of SEO basics. I know it’s just the tip of the iceberg but I feel better about the whole thing :)
    Now I just wish there was a faster way to edit 100+ titles… lol!

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    Thank you so much for this video! It was so helpful. I know understand the importance of SEO. The video was clear and completely at my level. Much Appreciated. Elise

  19. Antoniya says

    Thank you so much guys!!! This was great – a video like that can’t compare to any written post! I loved your style and the way you put two different prospectives on things! I appreciated the little details (like that sometimes it takes a lot of times for changes to affect SEO) because they mean the most! Thanks again, and looking forward to more :)

  20. Holly says

    Thank you sooo much!! I can’t wait to adjust my shop titles and descriptions. Keep the videos coming. :)

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    This is so great and helpful! It’s funny, because you hear this stuff from the beginning, but you don’t understand it, and it doesn’t register. I think it finally sunk in only because I recently purchased some SEO/blogging lessons, showing me the keyword tool, but it still didn’t hit me to do this on my Etsy shop. I feel like finding you guys is such a breakthrough! Thank you so much!
    .-= Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club´s last blog ..Featured Mommy LaDy Club/Group Interview: Flip Side Stories… =-.

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    Thanks so much for this video. That was really helpful. It always makes it easier for me to see someone explain on a video instead of written because I am a visual person. I appreciate you guys


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    Thank you very much for the video. It’s much better than reading text. I learn a lot about SEO for Etsy. Thank you! Now, if I can just apply that to my website.

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    Hi! I just finished watching your video on SEO. I have done a good bit of reading on the internet about SEO but your video was great. It made perfect sense to me and now I am so excited. I will be re-working some of my listings and playing around with the google keyword tool from now on.

    I have just spent the last couple of hours browsing your site and reading your different posts. Thank you for taking so much time and making a great blog for us Etsy Sellers.

    I look forward to the new content you will be putting out in the future.

    Thanks so much!
    Kristi Estep
    ShayBay Designs

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    I am so so grateful that I found you. You are a big help for me, and I treasure your words. I finally learnd what SEO is all about and how to use it. You are the best! Thank you!


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