Why Mistakes Are A Dream Come True!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined!” ~ Henry David Thoreau


There are two ways…

to look at all the things you’re not doing right.

One way is to beat yourself up and cry about it, telling yourself lies about what you’re not good at and what dreams you’ll never see come true. That’s one way.

The other way, and this is the way I want to go, is to realize that every thing you’re not doing right is one more opportunity, one more rung on the ladder. The ladder toward that dream that you absolutely will see come true. Whatever it is.

One example in our business is that we don’t do the best job of keeping in contact with existing customers, people who have already signed on the dotted-line to do business with us.

It’s been said that more than 60% of your marketing effort should be spent on existing customers. That’s both time and money. Have I been doing that? Nope. What about you?

But you know what, I’m not going to kick myself over it. I’m going to resolve to do better, knowing with all my heart that when we do get it right, we will have moved forward in the direction of our dreams.

What about you?

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    Very inspirational and so true! Love the quote you opened with. I too do not market towards existing customers because I’m not sure how to do so without looking annoying or like I’m sending out spam if I contact them again. I guess we could brainstorm on some creative ways to do so.

    Moving forward to do better sounds right!
    .-= Debbie in Nashville´s last blog ..Some wonderful Artist you should see =-.

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    I have always loved that quote! Thanks for the wonderful reminder. It is time to print it out and tack it above my work space. As far as keeping in contact with my existing customers, I always, always send them an email to thank them for their order, I contact them again when the item ships, and I let them know I would appreciate hearing from them when the item arrives. This gives me one more opportunity to thank them again. I always want my customers to feel welcome and well cared for.
    Thanks again for the reminder to follow our dreams!

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    Great read! I needed this. As stated in previous replies… No, I do not “market towards existing customers”. However, something that I have planned for the upcoming months is….

    Let me back it up just a bit. About 6-7 weeks ago I decided I needed an address book *just for my online sale recipients*, so I found myself at the dollar store. Bought a journal book & headed home to start jutting down addresses. I went through my archived PayPal customers from Ebay as well as my Etsy sales. I used different color pen for each. Being sure to include anyone who I have purchased from on Etsy (return address).

    Now, my plans for the upcoming months is to send out a THANK YOU card of some sort to each of these people. Maybe not all 100+ people from Ebay, but certainly all of my Etsy persons.

    Since I have been dabbling in Polymer Clay creations, it would be simple to create something to send in a card.
    I am not sure what type of card (or what exactly it will say) I will be sending, but something that will stand out & hopefully bring these people to my Etsy shop for the first time or return.

    *I* think this is a perfect idea. I am actually really excited about this!

    Wow, I think I just blogged for the FIRST TIME EVER. I should post this information to my blog eh? LOL, maybe I can do this blogging thing v just re-posting/sharing links from others, 😉

    ~Casey Marie
    .-= Casey Marie´s last blog ..Vintage Westinghouse Recorder =-.

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