Using Twitter For An Etsy Business


Have you started to realize the amazing benefits of Twitter to your Etsy business? Like other social media platforms, Twitter really does hold great potential to help you reach out, meet new people, and promote your wonderful work!

Twitter Introduces Real People

As the EverythingEtsy Twitter account has grown, I’ve met more and more sweet and creative Etsy lovers. What starts off as a simple retweet can turn into a conversation and a new contact. This is really no different than good old-fashioned networking, it just happens much faster and I can stay in my PJs! Yay!

Twitter Promotes Great Stuff

One of the things I see (and click on) regularly are people’s tweets about new listings in their own shops and great finds at other Etsy seller’s shops! Twitter love is all the rage as great people help promote one another. We have a list going on Facebook of “hot item to sell this week” and Twitter gave me a way to share a bunch of those great items with our followers.

Twitter is also another great opportunity to use those irresistible words “sale” and “special”! I love those! Next time you have an item on sale or a shipping special, send out a tweet! There’s no telling how far it might go.

Just Keep Building

Something I’ve learned with all of this, (blogs, Twitter, etc.) is that it takes patience sometimes. You may not see huge results right away, but you have to keep going. Just keep on meeting people and finding new friends to follow and talk to. If you’re serious about your Etsy business, social media can be a great help to you. Keep at it, you’ll see!

If you would like to stay in touch with me on Twitter, follow me @EverythingEtsy! See you there!

How have you used Twitter to help sales?


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    I have not had any luck on Twitter . I am just lost in the haystack. I post some pics but no results as far as people visiting my shop per google analytics Advice anyone? Appreciate it as I think I am going abut it wrong. Thanks


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