Let’s Get Organized Giveaway — Ribbon Rings Review

We are going to kick off our month of organization with something that has helped me organize this…

ribbon pile

Yes, this is my mess of ribbon and other goodies that I have been collecting. Do you have anything that might look like this in your craft collection? {Please say you do!} The spools they were on started to get on my nerves, so I though I would take them all off the spools and store them in a big jar…NOT MY BEST IDEA EVER!

I was researching my upcoming post on organizing ribbon and I found something really neat…

Ribbon Rings!


Ribbon Rings are a great way to organize and store your ribbon. They’re perfect for small spaces and it keeps your ribbon in excellent condition. I’ve just started to sort out my mess of ribbon and add them onto the rings. It’s so easy…anyone could do it!!!

ribbon on rings

Most of my ribbon is small and I can put two ribbons on each tag. I even found out it would work with some of my funky little fringe. Oh, I like these and I think you will, too!

It’ll even make it easier for me to remember what colors I already have when I’m planning a project. I’ve been know to purchase more and find out I already had something just like it at home…I told you, organization is needed around here!


You can hang ribbon rings in a closet, the wall, a door knob, or even the back of your chair! Do whatever works for you, but at least your ribbon won’t be all tangled up or stashed in a box where you can’t see it.

I think you might enjoy your own set or two of these cool ribbon rings!

I kept my jar to stash a few odds and ends and tiny scraps of ribbon.

ribbon jar 2

Melissa at Ribbon Ring was kind enough to let me review a set of these rings, and she sent me a little something for one lucky Everything Etsy reader!

You can win a starter set of ribbon rings that includes 30 tags and a metal ring, and a set of Jumbo ribbon rings perfect for large ribbons…two sets y’all! {Read the details on the Ribbon Ring site.}

Ribbon Ring tags

To be entered just leave a comment telling me about your biggest craft supply challenge, or an organizational tip.

Want an extra chance…spread the word by twitter or facebook. If you are a subscriber to Everything Etsy, leave another comment.

That will give you up to four chances to win…don’t forget to leave separate comments for each entry.

Come back to see all the other great ideas I found for organizing ribbon…one of them will have to work for you!!!

This giveaway has ended…thanks for all the comments!  The winner is Megan!  Congratulations!  She also has a great blog…check it out!

This giveaway ends January 11th…good luck!


If you love organization ideas… you should see this beautiful list of DIY ideas:

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  1. says

    What a brilliant idea. Really truly! My biggest craft challenge comes in the form of three cats my family adopted last Christmas. They get on my fabric all the time and I have to wash it or cover it. Drives me NUTS!

  2. susan says

    my biggest challenge is…ME! i get so excited about organizing and reorganzing that i end up making more of a disorganized mess!

  3. says

    Wow, I could give you a list of crafty supplies that I’m having issues organizing. :) I too tried the “oh, won’t it look so cute in a jar” idea and much to my dismay, it looks adorable but requires a temper tantrum on my part every time I need to get something out of the jar.

    I just tried to clean up the area for my paper projects and cursed out my tub of rubber stamps. Everything gets piled in there and then I forget what I have.

    I have a similar issue with buttons. They’re all in cards tossed in a rubber tub…not sure if I should try to organize by color and how I’d do that successfully.

  4. says

    I am insanely unorganized crafter. My biggest problem is that I have no where to put everything where I can easily see it all (or most of it) to know what I already have. We don’t exactly have the commodity of a “craft room” around here….it is more like the “crap room.”

  5. says

    I have the same ribbon and embellishments problem…I just throw them all in a jar and then it all has to come out of the jar to find what you want! I love those ribbon rings! It’s one of those, “why didn’t i think of that!?”
    Hope I win!!!

  6. says

    I’m a sewer so my biggest challenge is organizing my fabric. I recently did this last week and it turned out great–looks nice. Now I just have to see how long it’ll stay that way lol.

  7. says

    What a wonderful idea! Normally I use my ribbon on the spoon hung on a pegboard with bar pegboard holders. They work really well, but I always have a few extra feet and these would be great.
    My biggest organization tip is skinny apothecary type jars to hold cupcake liners (I have a lot.) I can see them and they look really pretty on display.

  8. says

    I have issues with storing fabric. I usually put it in boxes (so dear husband won’t see how much I really have!!) but then I don’t know what I have. Sort of like your ribbon problem before these handy little rings. Great idea and GREAT giveaway!!

  9. Bonnie says

    My biggest craft challenge is remembering what I have and where I’ve stored it. Organizing my craft room is one of my goals for 2010. What a great tool to help with that!

  10. says

    That is a BRILLIANT idea! Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention. I must have these.

    My biggest crafting/organizational challenge is EVERYTHING – from paper, to ribbon, to glue and glitter – where does anyone put it all?

  11. Allison says

    Love these! I too struggle with how to store my ribbon. I had been sticking it in a big apothecary jar but gave up. Right now it’s just laid out in a drawer.

  12. says

    I am craft cluttered in every department. My most annoying is my table. I use a round out door plastic patio table that is small and belongs to the owner of this townhouse. I recently got a serger and had to build my own table for it out of plastic storage containers. Needless to say, I at least need to invest in a folding table or something. That is what concerns me as of the last couple days after my husband took apart my table and stored the containers in the attic.

    My list of craft clutter goes on and on, however, I do love these ribbon rings, and it would get rid of my ziplock bag full of random ribbons all mushed together.

  13. Teresa K. says

    I love this giveaway! Ribbons are one of my biggest craft organizational challenges–right behind my fabric stash!

  14. says

    my biggest crafting challenge is just clutter in general…my craft table is a giant mound right now…definitely no room to craft…should definitely get to work on that! LOL

  15. says

    Wow – those are really fab!

    I do have ribbon issues, but my main problem is having so many different sorts of items – I tend to swap between crafts as the mood takes me, so I’ve endless boxes and tins and jars of different odds and ends.

    The only way I’ve found to keep it vaguely straight is to label everything. Faced with a huge cupboard full of different storage systems, I’ve found that even the see through ones are easier to identify if there’s a great bit label saying ‘dip pen nibs’ or ’embroidery threads’ on the front!

  16. says

    This is perfect I tell you! My biggest challenge is my ribbon, and believe me I have A LOT of it! I am addicted to ribbon!! :) Count me in this giveaway! Thanks!!

  17. Jill L says

    What a fantastic idea!! I could really use this. I have all my ribbon thrown in a drawer right now. It’s a huge mess. But that’s not my biggest challenge. We recently moved into a new house and I have a great basement for all my craft stuff but when the movers brought everything in, I just threw everything in the cupboards, not bothering to sort anything. I am going to have to spend quite a few hours sorting through all my scrapbook stuff to figure out what I have.

  18. says

    This is a fabulous way to organize ribbons! VERY creative!
    My biggest organizational challenge is my stickers…I started adding them (in their original package) to a ring by category. (like baby boy, baby girl, travel, girlie-girl, etc.) I’ve got 6 rings going and plan on hanging them on a cup hook. (easy on, easy off)
    Thanks for this giveaway! Teresa

  19. says

    Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon. I love ribbon!! I don’t love my basket of rements. I’ve tried a couple of things, but not luck. This could be the thing!

  20. Carissa says

    My biggest challenge is organizing all of my supplies so I can access them. It takes so much to get everything out and separated that I lose interest in the project.

  21. says

    My biggest craft challenge, by far, is trying to figure out how to be organized and keep my 2 and 3 year old from getting into everything in my craft room! I am pretty organized but I am constantly having to clean up after my two kids who are fascinated with all the little crafty things I have! I can’t realistically keep everything stored at least 3 feet up….so what do I do? Haven’t a clue….

  22. says

    Biggest craft storage issue:

    Fabric! Tons and tons of fabric – folded up in piles or bags and bags of scraps. Zero waste over here – 100 percent mess!

  23. Nicole-Lynn says

    I’ve just started ‘collecting’ ribbon for various craft projects and I really could use the ribbon ring tags to help stay organized.

    My organiziation tip is to devote a small area or room if you have the space to put all of your craft stuff in. I have a small area in my home and it is nice to get away from everything else and focus on what it is I’m working on, also keeps all of my craft stuff in one place; not scattered throughout the house!

  24. says

    My biggest challenge is fabric. I have stacks of Office Depot paper boxes taking up an entire wall of my spare room, each filled with different types of fabric. Its too hard to find anything to use any of it!

    I love the ribbon rings- my ribbon is also in a paper box, and its getting pretty crazy in there!

  25. says

    what a fantastic storage solution!I don’t have a crafting room and my appartment is relatively small, so I struggle with storage and organization!My biggest challenge is my huge stash of yarns!I have baskets and boxes all over the living room!These rings are fantastic!I will tweet about it!

  26. Jessi says

    My biggest storage problem is rub ons. I currently have them in a large plastic pencil box, but I want something different.

  27. Sherly says

    I have a neat way to store little things like buttons and needles. Put them in see through prescription bottles. Then you also don’t run the risk of sticking yourself with a needle rummaging through sewing stuff if it’s in a sturdy prescription bottle.

  28. Karen Pochodowicz says

    My biggest challenge is keeping it organized at all. It is all such a mess that I don’t craft as often as I would like to.

  29. says

    My tip is to sort by color! It has done wonders for me both organizationally, and in the way of inspiration! I love having the pretty color palettes all out in the open!

  30. MichelleH says

    My biggest challenge is keeping the stack of scrap paper in some semblence of order, so I can use it up rather than just collect it. These ribbon rings are a great idea. They would be so pretty hanging from the bulletin board full of gorgeous ribbons.

  31. says

    What a brilliant idea!
    I have 10+ clear plastic bins of different sizes filled with ribbon and sorted by color. Everytime I make a hairbow it looks like the craft section and the storage section of a department store crashed and exploded in the room. Keeping the spools on dowels was just too much of a hassle to change the spools when one was empty. I have been unsuccessfully trying to find another storage solution because the bins are so bulky and seem to take up so much more space than necessary and then my sister-in-law sent me an email this morning with your post!

    No matter who wins the giveaway PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME! I will definitely be buying some of these in the future!

  32. says

    Ohhhh, I so need these!!! My vast and expansive (and expensive) ribbon collection is currently stored wrapped around empty plastic wrap/paper towel/etc. rolls in a basket. It’s worked okay for me for the past 10 years or so, but this would certainly be a nice upgrade, and would take up much less room, too.

    My only brilliant storage idea (which wasn’t originally mine) is to hang clear plastic shoe organizers on the inside of the door to store anything and everything – from diapers and wipes to bandaids to medicine to chocolate chips and onion soup mix packets to socks. Oh, and I’ve also used a metal picnic utensil holder for my large collection of pens/pencils/scissors/etc.

  33. Jennifer Short says

    One of my biggest challenges is storage! I have so much stuff and our house has so little storage, like no closets! I hate having 20 gallon tubs all over the place!

  34. says

    My biggest challenge is THE WHOLE stinkin’ sewing room. I start SO many projects, get a new idea…and I’m left with five half finished projects and all of their supplies just laying out.
    could you just organize me?
    rollersinvegas at gmail dot com

  35. says

    Actually, My biggest organizational challenge IS ribbon! I have spools EVERYWHERE! I thought I would be smart and line up spools on dowels & block the ends w/ clothes pins..hahah yeah right. So these would be great! If I don’t win I may have to buy some b/c I’ve never heard of them.

  36. says

    What a great tip, I would love to win! I currently use clothespins and store all my ribbon in the shoebox size rubbermaid bins.

    My organization tip would be to repurpose empty containers (tin cans, jars, plastic containers) to hold office and craft supplies. Cover them with cute scrapbook paper or fabric & you have a custom look!

  37. Bethany says

    It’s beads!! I have a ton of beads. I also have a ton of little organization caddies… but never enough because I always buy more before I use up the old, so they stay in the bags, etc, etc etc. I have no idea what I have!! GOT to figure that out. :)

  38. Juanita Cain says

    I have a mess like yours WAS–LOLmine are in a couple baskets so I am forever digging and it just it worse–I could use these puppies :-)

  39. Dana Herin says

    I cannot express my love for ribbon rings enough. I had my ribbons on spools or in plastic containers. The problem for me was “out of sight, out of mind”. A friend gave me my first set of ribbon rings. I now store all my ribbons on them. They hang on a rod/hooks from Ikea above my work area at easy access. Each color has a ring and then I have two other rings for holidays and themes (baby, school, sports). LOVE THEM and need some more to finish my room.

  40. says

    I love these! They work great, and because I’m addicted I could always use more! I have them hanging on the back of my craft room door on a multi-hook over-the-door hanger. My biggest organizational challenge is my in-progress projects – since they aren’t all uniform in size, I never know what to do with them!

  41. says

    LOVE THESE! Best tip–I use to always lose my little embroidery scissors when I was sewing. I attached them to a lanyard and now they are where I need them whether I’m at the cutting table, serger, or sewing machine. Very handy!

  42. Jessica Dermer says

    My biggest challenge is keeping the kids from tearing our supply closet up when they want to make crafts! They love to dive in and find new things I have stored but they make such a mess of it!

  43. Linh C says

    I am so organized that I can’t find anything! I put things away and forget that I have them. I need to label the containers, or use something like the ribbon rings. :)

  44. says

    I have trouble organizing fabrics and scrapbooking supplies. I can keep them orderly but not in a manner where I can see everything while I’m working and access it easily (except to spread it all out but then there’s a lot of work getting it all out and putting it all away each time). Would love one of these beautiful, meticulously organized craft rooms you show photos of! :)

  45. rita says

    My idea books are the biggest problem for me. I love looking at them but can never have enough room in my house for them.

  46. Melanie says

    Having too much stuff is our main problem.
    Its hard to separate and organize everything when there is so much of it in our craft room. I walk in to clean it, get overwhelmed and leave.

  47. says

    Oh me oh my how I need these!
    Ribbon is everywhere and out of control here;{ I have them in shoe boxes, which doesn’t help!
    Thanks for the knowledge;}

  48. Lisa Taylor says

    My biggest craft supply challenge is my two daughters taking all my supplies. They like to braid my ribbons which drives me crazy.


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