Sewing Tutorials

Last year I was just learning how to sew.

I scoured the public library with how-to books, desperately wanting to learn the trade. Want to know my secret?

In all honestly I found online video tutorials were some of the best teachers.

I am a visual learner. A BIG visual learner. I loved to have something tangible to come back to, but with sewing sometimes you really need to be THISCLOSE to your “teacher” to understand how it’s done.

I see some of you nodding — you totally get what I’m saying…

It was like, Hello, internet! You are now my best friend.

Gussy hearts the internet.

Over the past few months I’ve bookmarked my favorite “just for fun” sewing tutorials and I’m here to share them with you.

First up is A Newly Improved Poopy Clutch Tutorial:

{Yes, that’s really the title.}



If I had a baby {which I don’t} I would totally carry one of these clutches. What am I talking about?! I should just make one for the 31 items floating around my purse as I type this. I would probably change the name though… Yes, most likely. This clutch’s original purpose is to hold diapers and baby wipes.

If you’ve been to my blog or Etsy shop, you know Gussy loves color! And ruffles!

Next is a tutorial on sewing ruffles,

by Confessions of a Craft Addict:



Ohhh, I just love ruffles.

Not so handy with a sewing machine? What about hand sewing? I found an adorable tutorial using felt and embroidery hoop.

Little Pink House Tutorial:

{This site has great detail shots.}




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    What a wonderful post! I’m loving the ruffles! And, the little pink house! Fabulous! I plan on sitting down with my daughter and making some of these for Christmas gifts for friends and family. I hope we can pull them off! I loved her etsy shop too! She’s amazing! Lovin’ your blog, Kim! Thanks again!!

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    Boy, I wish I could be THISCLOSE to you while you sew! I’d love to see how Gussy does it! :) Then maybe I could actually get over being so chicken and use all this fabric I’ve bought!

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