Five Great Reasons to Start an Etsy Shop

One of the most amazing things about Etsy is the diversity of the sellers and buyers you find there! The Etsy community includes people from all over the world and from every walk of life; all with at least one thing in common, they love handmade!

Love for art and creating and independance are all things that bring the Etsy community together. These are part of why Etsy works so well. But that’s not all that is appealing about Etsy.

Etsy fit’s your life! That’s what I love about it. You can mold Etsy into your life just as easily as you craft your wares! Etsy is ultimately flexible, which makes it a great place for anyone to sell, or to buy.

A Few Reasons You Should Sell On Etsy

  1. Sell Anything Handmade – If you can make it, you can probably sell it on Etsy. If you’re like me, you probably have hundreds of ideas swimming around in your head. Etsy gives you a place to turn those ideas into real income. It’s up to you how much income, and what you do with it!
  2. You Decide When – Other options for selling your work require some commitments regarding your time. If you want to sell at an art show or a craft fair, you’ll have to reserve a spot and block-off a weekend. If something comes up that weekend, you’re out of luck! You either show up or you lose your deposit. Even more so if you decide you want a real, brick and mortar, store. Then you need to be there every day! With your Etsy Shop, you can close it down if you want a break, but better yet, it keeps selling no matter what you’re doing. Etsy is a virtual salesperson who never tires and never takes a break, and only gets paid if you sell something, and then not very much!
  3. Sell As Much (or as little) as You Want – There are sellers on Etsy who only sell something on occasion. Maybe you’ve found some great fabric on sale and you buy a yard of it. You can make a couple of pillows and keep one for yourself, then sell the other one on Etsy. Someone will love having your handmade pillow on their couch to brag about, and you’ll even be able to pay for your pillow supplies in the process. It’s kinda like feeding a crafting habit!On the other hand, maybe you want to sell your work for a living and you need to generate enough sales to cover a full-time income. Etsy can handle an unlimited number of transactions for you. You’re then free to spend your time producing your work and thinking of creative ways to get more traffic to your Etsy Shop!
  4. No Travel Required – Etsy is a true godsend for anyone who is creative, but can’t get out to show off their work! This could be for you if you’re a Stay-at-home-Mom, homebound for health reasons, or maybe just live in the middle of nowhere! Etsy allows you to reach a worldwide audience of potential customers from home. Make it, Sell it, Get Paid, and Ship…all from home! This opens up a new world of opportunity for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide!
  5. You Build a Reputation – Etsy has a feedback process that will really help your shop as time goes on. By doing a great job for your customers, you’ll build a rating on Etsy through the feedback of the people you sell to (and buy from). This is a unique value of an Etsy shop because it gives you a real bonus for each sale. In a year, when your sales are starting to add-up, your newer sales will be that much easier to get! This equals more profit for you!

Besides all of these great reasons, I think one of the best reasons to start a shop on Etsy is because it’s so easy! And once it’s done, Etsy handles so much for you. You don’t have to worry about designing web pages, and making sure shopping carts are all working. It’s DONE! And when you set-up a paypal account, the money just goes right there and shows up! You gotta love that!

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