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I ran across this fantastic book, Flea Market Decorating: Creating Style with Vintage Finds, and it started me on my Etsy search for vintage treasures. Shopping for vintage items on Etsy is like going to your favorite antique store or flea market while you are sitting in your favorite chair with a cup of coffee. {Yes, I’m mentioning coffee again….maybe I’m more than a one cup a day person.}

When I shop for vintage items I’m usually thinking about what I can do to them…most of the time it involves spray paint! Yes, I know that sounds awful to some of you. Well, God didn’t make us all the same for a reason. I can really appreciate vintage items that are in their original condition and decorate a home just right. It’s beautiful, but it’s not really me.

Let’s take a look at what I found while cruising around Etsy…

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This Muliticolored Handpainted Vintage Suitcase {by Nora Karen} would be fun to have displayed in my house…she painted each one of these flowers by hand! WOW! I would love to have talent like that!

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This cool brown carry on from Red Eye Vintage would be a nice vintage piece. I’ve never seen this shape…how unique!

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A vintage Samsonite suitcase found in Jennifer Goode’s Etsy shop has got to be one of my favorites! I don’t think I could ever bring myself to paint something this classy looking. What a great find!

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Angie’s Iris added a decorative touch to this Samosonite. And she also has this great vintage Samosonite tote that might not work to decorate my house, but it would look just right with me carrying it around!

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Have fun browsing through all the vintage Etsy shops! You might find something you NEED! Use keywords to help you find the perfect selection. If you are an Etsy seller,make sure you use all your tags so you can be found!

From postcards to China, Etsy is the place to shop!  What kind of neat things have you found on Etsy?


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    Thanks for featuring my vintage bag,I really like this opportunity and appreciate the fact that I can share my creations in your blog with all this wonderful artists.

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    I do like the flea market decorating if it is also frugal… shabby chic is nice and all until it costs an arm and a leg. Part of the fun in finding treasure to decorate or whatever is getting it for next to nothing.

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