How-To Join The I Made It Blog Party

Hi! Here are the quick and easy steps to join the blog party.

Part One – Putting Your Link On The McLinky

There are two parts to this. First is entering your name. You have up to 50 characters so you might include what you did or your blog name. Examples might be:

Kim @ Everything Etsy or Kim – Pretty Hair Clip

The other part of linking to the McLinky is the link to your post. You want the “permalink” to your post, not the address to your home page or your Etsy shop. The easiest way to get the permalink is as follows:

1. After your post is published (not draft, fully published) click on the post title. That will take you to what’s known as a “singe post page”. The address in your browser at that point will be the permalink to that post. This way, when someone clicks on the link two years from now, it goes to the same post, not to your homepage which, hopefully, will be different by then! :-)

2. You can just copy that address (the full url, including the http://) and paste it into the McLinky.

Part Two – Linking your post back to the I Made It blog party post.

It’s part and parcel to all blog parties that you link back to the post where the party is being hosted. That’s the nature of it so that your readers come see what everyone else did. That increases the traffic on all participants blogs. It’s not really good bloggy manners to skip this part, just in case you didn’t know.

There are two ways to do it:

1. Use the code under the button in the I Made It post.

The button code is already written to include the link back to the post for that week. All you have to do is highlight the entire code, copy it, and paste it into the HTML Edit View of your post. If you don’t see a bunch of stuff in brackets and slashes then you’re not in HTML view. It is accessible at the top right of your post editing (writing) view in most blogs. Click on that to switch between HTML and Visual.

2. Use a normal text link.

You can just write out the words in your post “This post is part of the I Made It Blog Party at Everything Etsy” and link the whole sentence or some part of it to the permalink for the I Made It Post for that week. The procedure for getting the permalink is the same as it is for your post, just click on the post title to be sure you are on a “single post page”. The copy/paste the url from your browser’s address bar.


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