DIY Essential Oil Mosquito Repellent

DIY Essential Oil Mosquito Repellent l A better way to keep bugs away! l

I use this DIY Essential Oil Mosquito Repellent daily this time of year!

I live in Florida where dealing with Mosquitos is part of the package deal.  It’s like you get the beautiful palm trees, sunshine and beaches, but you need a few {or way more than a few} mosquitos to keep it fair.

I’ve been through two double batches of this already this summer and IT WORKS!  It also smells great…so, you don’t have to walk around smelling awful or worrying about the chemicals you just sprayed all over you.

Here’s how to make your own with just two ingredients…woot!

DIY Mosquito Repellent Spray -


Really…that’s it!

Make it! DIY Mosquito Spray on

Start with 6 ounces of water.

Making Mosquito Spray with doTERRA Essential Oils l

Add 45 drops of TerraShield to your spray bottle.  It’s easy to count the drops if you turn the bottle completely upside down.

Give it a few shakes before you spray and you’ll be protected for those pesky mosquitos.  You’ll love the smell and the feel so much better about this than those store bought sprays.

TerraShield is only $12.67 a bottle!  You can make at least 4-5 bottles of spray!

Other ways to use it…

  • Add a few drops to Coconut Oil and rub it on exposed areas
  • Use in a diffuser to scare away mosquitos
  • Rub it on directly from the bottle…it’s small enough to keep in your purse.

I had to share this simple solution with you!  I hope it saves you lots of trouble this summer!


Are you interested in learning more about selling doTERRA Essential Oils?  Here’s a post I wrote that should give you all the information you need and answer some of those questions you might be having right now. :)  I’ve been selling doTERRA for a year now and have used doTERRA Essential Oils for over 5 years…so, please email me any questions you might have!


    • says

      I use a drop or two of lavender and it helps for most common bug bites. Lavender is good for about a million things…lol! :) Have an awesome summer!


  1. Dina says

    thello I love your page, and will start to crochet all the little items.
    i wonder if in your line you have some item for itching . i will love to buy it.
    best regards and thaks for letting us use your patterns.
    have a happy Easter, dina

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