Get Organized–My New Filofax Planner

Get Organized - My New Filofax Planner  {customized}

My Customized Filofax Planner

This year is off to a great start!  My new Filofax planner has taken my organization to new levels…and that’s an awesome thing when you’re trying to balance a family, homeschooling, an Etsy shop and blogging.  I’m sure you have your own list of things you juggle on a daily basis, and you might be looking for a couple new ways to handle it all.

Sometimes you find something that really works for you and you’ve just gotta share it!  Well, here’s what works for me…

filofax - get organized

This is my new Filofax Metropol Organizer!

I know there are tons of Filofax fans out there and I can see why they make such a fuss over this line of planners.  I do want to mention that they come in a beautiful yellow and lots of other pretty colors.  I might need the yellow when summer comes around again.

There are a few different sizes but this one is easier for me to write in…I write kinda big!  Some people even use more than one so they can keep one in their purse and one at home.  Whatever works!

filofax - diy

Can you tell I love sticky notes??  I always have a few sizes available and there’s plenty of room for them now.

I’ll show you the rest of my planner and how I customized it to organize my world with just a few supplies.

filofax - homeschool

I made custom pages out of scrapbook paper by tracing one of the pages that came with the planner.  Then I used a simple single hole punch on each one.  Yes, it took a little while but it was easy.

I found some nice sticky labels to use on each section.

I have tabs along the side and top of some of my most used sections.  A little washi tape and a label maker made it easy.

filofax calendar

I printed out these calendar pages on kraft paper to change things up a bit.

Since this photo I’ve been adding important dates and birthdays.  Do you like kraft paper?  There’s something about it that makes me happy.

filofax - menu

I also added a simple menu section in hopes of making less trips to the store…ha!

filofax supplies

These are my organizing supplies…pens, washi tape {of course} and a stack of sticky notes.  I also have a few stickers that I plan to use on my daily pages.  {Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of the daily pages.}

filofax - sticky notes

I’ve used many different methods over the years to help me get things done. Last year I started writing each idea or task on a sticky note. 

I simply stick it to a page in the right section of my planner and leave it there until I do it.  Then, I toss it!  This keeps me from having a long running list with lines all through it looking all messy.

I only buy new sticky notes and not more pages.  This has been working great!

filofax organizing {custom}

I’ll share more of this planner in the future.  I just had to show it off while it’s super fresh and ready to organize my world.

Do you have a special system that works for you?  Do you use a planner like my awesome Filofax??

*Update* I just bought my Filofax with the link above for $48 and now it is showing much higher.  There are so many other styles and colors to choose from, so I suggest just following the link and seeing the suggested items at the bottom of the page.  You can also type in “Filofax A5” in the search box to find a larger selection.  This size might be too big for some of you, but you can use the same system.  Please leave any questions in the comments.

I’d love to hear how you keep everything under control…or at least close to it!


If you love organization ideas… you should see this beautiful list of DIY ideas:

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  1. says

    I love synchronicities! I am literally elbow deep in post-its, hole punches and various pages and such as I put together my 2014 planner. I love what you did – so clean and easy to use. I am using the Arc/Circa system with the discs so I can move pages more easily.

    Let me get this straight – you don’t do any pages for To-Dos? Do you have other pages for the other sections? Or just use the post-its on the various sections? Intriguing and I WILL be incorporating that into my system. I have often abandoned planners and I think I was making them too complicated! Love yours!

    Thank you for sharing!


    • says

      Hi Kathy!

      I’ll do a post soon on how I use the post-it notes in more detail.

      Here’s a quick look…

      I use cardstock for most of my pages. I have sections with tabs {like home, homeschooling, each blog, etsy shop, etc.} and a few pages in each section. I use post-it notes to list any task or idea in every section. I move the next few actions right on my daily section and I mainly just keep track of appointments and what I’ve completed in that day’s section. When I finish a task I just throw away the note. It’s gone and I’m not crossing things off all the time and adding new items. {I like lists, but I don’t like when they get messy.} This is kinda like keeping a running list in each section, but it’s easily updated.

      I might have made it sound hard, but it’s actually simple. :)

      I hope that helps you with your planning! Happy New Year!


      • says

        I’ve got my Post-It’s ready. I’d love to see a shot of your Daily pages. I’m leaning toward the one that opens up to each seven day week (I like to view the entire week in front of me). After checking the Filofax pricing, I think I’ll go back to Walmart and buy the boring black one I had in mind. I know I can dress it up.

  2. says

    This is really fantastic! I’ve heard of Filofax organizers, but I’ve never seen one in action. I love how much you customized it. Right now, I’m using a spiral bound organizer, but I like the binder so I could add in my own pages. Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Hi Terri!

      Thanks for visiting! I can’t tell you how much better I like this over a spiral bound planner! It’s nice to be able to really pretty it up and change things around to suit my life. Next time you buy one, give it a try!

      Have a fabulous new year!


  3. says

    I have a Breast Cancer Campaign Pocket Filofax that I am using as a wallet right now. I am in the market for an A5 Filofax .. to use as a home planner.. or a personal that I can carry with me… oh the decisions!! I love Filofax!

    • says

      Hi Nikki!

      I know, it’s so hard to decide on just one!!! I love some of the bright colors, so I think I’ll get another one to switch everything to during summer.:)
      Thanks for stopping by!!


  4. says

    Love the post it note idea!! I use my tablet to try to keep me organized…try being the key word. I wonder if there is a FiloFax that will hold my tablet too…


    • says

      Hi Lucy!

      Thanks so much! I’ll share in another post how I use my post-it notes. This keeps all my pages pretty and organized. I used to throw away planners once it got all messy with notes crossed out and stuff. This might work for you! :)

      Happy New Year!


  5. Jean Franklin says

    I’ve been so disorganized by trying to do this online because it seems like that’s when you’re supposed to do nowadays. But somehow the calendar is never there when I need it – the phone’s dead, the appointment card is in the bottom of my purse, whatever – and I end up winging it most of the time. I love the system you use and the post-its for the to-dos. I’m inspired to go back to the paper system that always made me feel on top of things!!

    • says

      Hi Jean!

      I can relate to trying to organize online and not liking it! I tried more than once to organize using Evernote and calendars, but it doesn’t work for me. I NEED to write stuff down and be able to look at it without a computer. My husband is the opposite…he does a great job of organizing online and he makes it sound so easy…lol!

      I suggest having a planner that you can change pages and ads sections to easily. This has made a world of difference for me compared to basic spiral bound planners I’ve used in the past. I can make as many sections as I want with pretty paper!

      Anyway, I could go on and on!

      Happy New Year and I hope you find just the planner for you!


  6. says

    I can’t live without my Filofax. I have the purple Malden, and I LOVE it. It even doubles as my wallet! I get all my paper on etsy from a swell shop called Kiddy Qualia… not only are her products top-notch, the shop owner is a doll. You can find her here-
    I also make some of my own bits, one being my front cover (or dashboard) made from lace printed vellum. I also make ‘pocket’ pages out of fancy cardstock to hold loose notes and coupons!
    Enjoy your new Filofax!!!!!!

    • says

      Wendy –
      Thanks for the link and creative ideas! It’s hard to find just the right size paper. I’m planning on making some pocket pages soon. There’s always a little something that needs to be tucked away for later. :)

      I’ve heard of these being used as wallets…I love that idea and it’s nice to hear from someone that uses it that way.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  7. Mandy Williams says

    I’ve been looking, looking, looking at all of the wonderful Filofax pins on Pinterest and got a bit overwhelmed. They’re all so beautiful but didn’t quite fit my bill. You’ve provided just the road map I needed. Raining cats and dogs here so a perfect day to put mine together. Thanks!

    • says

      Wonderful! I’ve looked on Pinterest at many of the Filofax ideas and it’s easy to get overwhelmed! I do what works for me! I’ve found that post it notes make it easy to change my mind and move things around without making my pages look all messy…I can’t take that! :) Good luck with your planner!!!! Happy New Year!


  8. says

    Love your planner. Do you have any dated pages for the daily stuff or just the monthly calendar spreads that you printed on kraft paper? Love the kraft paper, BTW,

    • says

      Hi Sandi!
      Thanks so much! Yes, I do have daily pages…I just forgot to take a photo of them! I don’t decorate them too much. Sometimes I add a little washi tape or a sticker, but nothing like some of the planners I’ve seen online. I just don’t have the time for that! :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

      • says

        Love your system. I recently started using the bullet journal method. I like it, but I’m always have to rewrite tasks that get rescheduled (which is often). It would be great to just move a sticky note. I think I’m going to have to copy you.

  9. Mairi Mack says

    This is fab! I have a boring black filofax from my previous working life. And I have never found the perfect organiser for my childcare business. I am now totally inspired to go and make my own… rushes off to find my scrapbook card stock… yay!

  10. Monika Ordon says

    The post-it notes idea is brilliant….Had to go and buy some for my filofax today :) So much neater (and cheaper!). Love the dividers too.

  11. Sofia says

    Oh my good your filofax it is soooo cute!!! Love the post!I also like to organize ALL my things!! And because of these I created a shop on etsy for printable planners =) You can take a look if you want: Sorocashop.
    You have a very good blog! Love it! xoxo

  12. Michelle says

    Love your planner and your ideas. I just found your blog and it is very inspiring!! I really like the map paper in your planner – do you remember where you purchased it?

  13. says

    I love this post. I’ve been trying to organize my family, blogs, shop, and other business with little notes or software. It is just not working for me! I always prefer having a place to write down and look at my day / month etc. I stopped using my DayRunner when everyone made fun of me. I miss that little book!!!

    I love you show how to customize and make the planner pretty. I’m shopping for a Filofax right now!

  14. says

    Great idea to use the sticky notes rather than having a list with crossings out. We all want things to stay pristine as long as possible, don’t we? Thanks!

  15. Yashira says

    This is awesome! I love how the kraft paper looks, where did you purchase the Kraft paper?? Would love to give it a try myself in my own FF thanks 😀

  16. says

    I love planners! I have a planner that looks like a filofax and I have been wanting to decorate the pages with washi tapes and all but I’m worried I might get addicted to decorating the pages and not actually get anything done in my to-do lists haha! I also ordered a notebook online that was supposed to be my planner this year but it was too pretty and did not want to write anything in it. Now I have a bunch of pretty notebooks lying around here. :)

  17. Brigitte says

    I’m going to start using the post it notes. I used to do that years ago and seeing your filo (I have a couple of my own, LOVE them), I can’t figure out why I got away from that method! I’m a big list maker but I’m like you, I hate when they start getting messy. I rewrite to clean them up but that is such a time waster! Looking forward to any new posts about your planner, I like to see what others are doing and pick up new, useful tips for myself! Thanks for the great post!

  18. Lynsey Mancil says

    I just bought my first Filofax, I am trying out the A5 sized one, and when I opened to box I was so excited to get started, and transfer all of my stuff from spiral notebook to an actual organizer that is supposed to be fabulous. I opened the box and started digging in, and then I all of the sudden got super overwhelmed with all of this things that I could do with my new planner. I am in LOVE with your sticky-note idea. Because I was looking online at how much the filler paper, and new diary pages etc. and theyre quite pricey. Thank you so much for the idea! I think this is something that is going to work for me!

  19. Mert says

    Absolutely love your idea of using the post it notes as your to dos. Makes so much sense and doesn’t take up as much room.
    Love organizing. Thank you for sharing .

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