Paper Clips and PomPom Bookmarks by Raising Up Rubies

paperclip & pompom bookmarks ♥

Hey Everything Etsy readers!  I’m Jaime … i blog at Raising up Rubies

and I’m so so happy to be over here at Kim’s place to share some fun summer inspiration …thanks for having me Kim!

I have two young girls that love to craft with me, and summertime is prime craftin’ time at our casa.  The girls have recently put their pompom makers to good use! …meaning we have pompoms kinda layin around everywhere.  Pompom’s are super simple to make, directions come with the tool, or a quick search on Pinterest will produce easy instructions to make your own with cardboard & some scissors.  It’s a great way to use up itty bitty balls of scrap yarn too!

paperclip & pompom bookmarks ♥

With pompoms a plenty we decided to do something crazy & wild … and make bookmarks.

Ok, not so crazy, but perfect for summer, when books & kids go hand in hand.

Once the poms are finished, you’ll end up with a tail of yarn, just right for tying onto paperclips.  We got all rainbow crazy and matched our colors up.

paperclips & pompom bookmarks

Just make sure you’re tying the yarn to the right end of the clip and then go ahead and double tie … maybe even triple tie.  The pom will slide on the paperclip but won’t be goin’ anywhere.

paperclip & pompom bookmarks ♥

Now the super fun part … make tons. And they are addicting, so watch out!

Maybe even put them in a little jar, with a stack of yard sale books for a birthday gift idea?

Now that would be awesome.

paperclip & pompom bookmarks ♥

paperclip & pompom bookmarks ♥

paperclip & pompom bookmarks ♥

Happy Crafting!


Thanks so much, Jaime! 

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Happy Summer!



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      Hi Candace! Not that silly! I did a post on exactly how to make them. You can find it under the Tutorial section at the top of the blog. Once you get the hang of it you’ll make a ton…trust me! :)


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