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I can seriously shop on Etsy!  I could buy a few things a day if I had an unlimited budget…what a dream!  I am not only an Etsy seller, but I’ve been an Etsy shopper for years and I treasure each purchase I’ve made.

There’s something about buying a vintage item that has a story behind it, or a handmade purse when you’ve talked to the maker.  It’s hard to even compare these amazing Etsy products to those bought at a store.

Each time you buy something on Etsy you know who you are supporting, and most of those people are a lot like you and me.  I love that!

I’ve gathered a few lovely Etsy finds to share with you today…

Featured Etsy Sellers on Everything Etsy 1

{Mini Tabletop Café Chalkboard Sign –  Cottage in the Oaks}

Featured Etsy Sellers on Everything Etsy 2

{Boutique Flower Head Band – Miss Ruby Sue}

Featured Etsy Sellers on Everything Etsy 3

{Pincushion Ring – Thimbleful}

Featured Etsy Sellers on Everything Etsy 4

{Eco-Friendly Large Cloth Napkins – JAQs Studio}

Featured Etsy Sellers on Everything Etsy 5

{Red Dangle Earrings – Sigalit Alcalai}


{Party Purses {set of 5} – Mama Bleu Designs}


{Spring Necklace – Lauren Blythe Designs }

Do you have a favorite??

Have you bought anything on Etsy lately?

I’d love to hear about it!!!



  1. says

    I love buying on Etsy, an unlimited budget sounds like a dream indeed. I like that chalkboard sign, perfect for writing down menu’s for an outside dinner.

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