Meeting Blog Friends–Lindsay from Makely School for Girls

Meeting Living With Lindsay

We just finished a 2-week road trip across the country and I was thrilled to have a little meeting over coffee with my long-time blogging friend, Lindsay!  Many of you might already know that she’s a super duper creative DIY home blogger at Makely School for Girls

We both started blogging about the same time and it was awesome to finally meet in her hometown of Austin,Texas.  What a great city! {I seriously love Austin!  I’ll be sharing photos soon on} 

There’s something about a blogging friend that makes you want to run across the parking lot and give them a hug the moment you see them.  You know they actually get the whole ‘blogging’ thing and you feel surprisingly connected after years of tweets, repins, and comments!

The humidity was unusually high for Austin, so ignore my hair…but check out Lindsay’s extremely cool purple highlights!

It was a blast meeting Lindsay and hearing some of her blogging tips…she’s a smart one!  I even had the pleasure of meeting little Emma!

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If you love home DIY projects you need to click on over to Makely School for Girls and take a look at some of her cool ideas.  This Easy Stocking and Santa Hat Pillows is simply adorable

Meeting wonderful people from all over the world has been one of the coolest things about having a blog.  What started off as a simple way to promote my Etsy shop has turned into way more than I could have imagined.  If you do not have a blog yet, start one.  You won’t regret it!

Have you met any blogging friends in ‘real-life’, maybe for coffee? 



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    How Fun! Lindsay is a favorite blogging friend of mine too, but have yet to meet her in real life – hopefully someday. It must be great to finally put a face to someone you’ve been chatting with for so long.

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    I recently met one of my blogging friends, Heidi of She and I got together at a friend’s house for a porch party and jewelry sale. It was so much fun. Before that, she was one of my blogging friends. Now, she’s a friend :)

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    Also met an online friend in real life, that’s good to see them for real and see how good you can communicate with each other like in blogging life. x)

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