Sewing Spaces

Do you have a special sewing space?  I enjoy the thought of spending the afternoon creating something beautiful {and simple, because that’s all I can handle} in one of these beautiful rooms.  Maybe I should write and see if they’d let me visit…a girl can dream, right?!

What do you think of this dreamy sewing space above full of vintage charm?  I’d take it!

Here’re a few more inspiring rooms to start your week off with a little beauty…

organized-sewing-room_gal (1)

This sewing room has so much to offer!  The shelves are awesome and the clear acrylic Peg-Board helps keep things organized and still within reach while your working.


This amazing sewing room from Ruby Jean has always been a favorite of mine.  It looks like something out of a fairytale…you have to hop over there and take a look for yourself.  It’s super girly!


I love all the natural light in this sewing space!  I’m sure this would be the perfect to sew up all those holiday gifts I have planned.

101014780.jpg.rendition.largest (1)

This is such a cool sewing station, don’t you think?  Everything is in one spot and ready to go the moment your in the mood to sew without having a large space dedicated just to sewing.  That sliding shelf rocks!

sewing table

This is where my friend from Raising Up Rubies creates her pretty things!  You’ll soon be seeing Jaime’s lovely craft room in Better Homes and Gardens!!!  Too cool!

I hope you found a little something in the inspiring spaces that you can add to your creative space!

Have a wonderful week!


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  1. Mariann R. says

    Sewing rooms are so inspirational. The light and layouts
    of their working spaces gives many ideas to make ones own. Thanks for posting the photos :)

  2. says

    so many cute ideas! I’m in the process of purging and reorganizing my sewing room. But no one…no one! is allowed to see it until I’m done! 😉

  3. judy h. says

    I love the very first sewing space pictured above. The colors, the sewing tables, shelves all in beautifully shabby chic colors, reminds me so much of my Grandma’s sewing area. I think sewing there would enhance my creativity tenfold!

  4. Patty Virginia says

    all of these sewing rooms just look amazing to me. They all have a lot of light which is a must when sewing or doing any craft. I’ll take anyone of them.

  5. says

    For over 20 years I sewed in a corner of my bedroom. Finally, 10 years ago, I got my own sewing room/studio! About 2 years ago, my husband built some awesome open upper shelves (One is 6 ft long!), to help me get more organized. I have loved getting it in order (though it doesn’t stay that way for long! I’m sure I have Sewer’s ADD!) My favorite that you posted is Ruby Jean–takes my breath away every time I look at it! It is certainly an incentive for the rest of us to make ours the best we can, no matter how large or small it may be! Happy sewing ladies!

  6. says

    Each and every room you show has much needed light, so important, our tree’s have grown since I set up my sewing room and now there is not enough natural light, but I do have enough artificial lighting, can’t have it all, but would like to :):)

  7. says

    All of those rooms are beautiful and very organized. Maybe someday I’ll have my own craft room, but for now, like someone else commented, I just have my things on an end table in the great room and I craft on the couch.

  8. says

    Gorgeous and inspiring!! I wish I was the organized type…as much as I love my space and have given it a vintage feel, my craft room would never be able to be photographed like this….hehehe!

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