Make Button Ponytail Holders


Button ponytail holders make sweet handmade gifts and the styles are endless.  Go modern with dots or preppy with plaid!  You can create fabric covered buttons with your favorite designer fabric or an upcycled sweater like I did.

In an earlier post, Making Fabric Covered Buttons, I went over the steps to making a basic fabric covered button…my way.  Learn that and you are on your way to making stunning button, ponytail holders, scrapbook supplies and bobby pins! It can get out of control!

Making a button ponytail holder 3

Simply collect a quality elastic band and your button.  Squeeze one end of your elastic band and thread it through the little loop on your button.  Pull it half way through.  Then take one end and thread it through the other…got that?  Take a look at the last photo.

finished button 1

Pull it tight and you are finished! Yep, that’s it!  Make matching sets or little packages of six for a lovely little gift!

Ponytail holder sets {ponytail holders}

If you have any questions, just ask in the comments.

You can find a lovely selection of supplies for this on Amazon here.



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