5 Blogging Tips for Etsy Sellers

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Yes, that’s right, you should have a blog!  I know there are a million things to do, but if you plan on growing your handmade business you shouldn’t put off starting or improving your blog for another moment.

Here are a few simple tips to start you on the road to blogging success…

1.  Be yourself! People that read your blog want to know a bit about you!  You don’t have to share all your family details, but share your personality with your readers.  Only listing the details of your latest listing isn’t going to grow your blog.  Your work is more beautiful to them when they know you.

Trying to do what another blog does to be successful might not work for you.  Write about what you know and enjoy…it will make blogging easier at the same time.

2.  Keep it simple! Share a few photos from Etsy,flickr or Pinterest with a bit about them.  Try a Wordless Wednesday post with a photo of anything you’ve done or saw that week.  {Wordless Wednesday is a blog party where you share a link to your post and visit others on the list.}  It’s an easy post and you’ll meet new people through a blog party like this one.

3.  Comment, comment, COMMENT!  Visit 10 blogs a day and comment on their posts.  Do this every day for a week and you’ll have new followers and more comments than the week before.

When readers leave a comment on your blog posts don’t forget to go and check out their blog.  You’ll end up finding new friends this way…trust me, you should comment a bunch!

4.  Photos make your blog POP with color! Creative people like creative looking blogs, right?  Use clear and bright photos with every post.  They can catch the reader’s attention and keeps them coming back for more inspiration.

If you use a photo from somewhere else online be sure to link to your source.  If it’s from another blog it’s best to email them to make sure they approve of it being used in your post.

5.  You don’t have to post daily, but a few posts a week will help you build up the content of your blog.  You’ll be shocked at how much information you have on your blog in a year!  Try writing a simple tutorial, share something you’ve just discovered,  write about the inspiration behind your work or share a photo of your dog…LOL!

Write what you would like to read!

There are so many little tips you’ll learn as you go, but I hope these will help you out a bit on your road to successful blogging.  Blogs grow slowly so don’t stress over it.  Be consistent and you’ll grow it into something that will help you in the future.

Meeting nice people along the way is an added bonus!

Care to share a blogging tip? I’d love to hear it!!!


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  1. says

    I’m just getting my blog started and I’ve heard a lot about the need to comment on other people’s blogs. But I love that you put a number on it. It gives me a specific goal to shoot for!

  2. says

    I’m scared to death of blogs. I’d love t o do one but, of course I want it to be enchanting. Not dumb looking. How do you get all those neat side effects? And your banner design, and all the doodads across the top? That’s what worries me.

  3. says

    Hello Kim,
    Helpful post for all the newbies out there. I have always thought of it this way…I leave comments on other blogs because I know how great it feels to get them on my blog. When I can, I will very often e-mail(if provided) the commenter a private note to say thank you for the follow. I remember getting a private e-mail from a popular blogger and It thrilled me to no end..it made me feel special that she took the time.
    Also I NEVER want to get too big to be out of touch with my followers…but thats just me. I know for many it is all about the numbers and the personal touch falls by the wayside. I avoid those blogs.
    I much prefer the back and forth conversations I have with my blog friends.
    I try to balance my life posts with my artist creative posts and ALWAYS have lot’s of quality photos. For me photos are a must and I rarely stay on a blog that does not have photos. Please bloggers…keep your backgrounds clean and non distracting and make sure we can read your text. That’s a pet peeve of mine. Who the heck can read tiny red letters on a chartreuse background???
    OK…I’m done now ;->

    cheers Kim,
    Janet xox

  4. says

    I know I need to start a blog, but I don’t even know what I should call it! Should I use my name? I have two etsy shops, should I call it after one of them? Any tips would be appreciated. Signed, kicking and screaming into the 21st century, Anna

  5. says

    thank you for these suggestions! i recently started a blog for my soon-to-open etsy store, and i appreciate the advice. setting a goal of 10 blog visits a day is a great idea, as is the wordless wednesday blog party! very helpful!

  6. says

    Great tips Kim! Here are my tips: Look for the Linky Party tabs on the top of people’s blogs and link up your posts. Those are the best ways to build your visitors and get exposure for your blog (and find inspiration AND find those 10 blogs a day). Also, if you can, put an e-mail subscription form in your sidebar. A LOT of people can’t find the time to visit blogs every day but if they can sign up to get it in their e-mails they will, that means more exposure for you! Don’t feel like you have to post every day. Just post when you have something to share. AND definitely put a link to your Facebook and/or twitter accounts on your blog (oh you can go to networked blogs and set it to post your blog to your FB account AND twitter!) Man, that’s a lot of tips, sorry to hog the comments.

  7. says

    Great tips! Thank you, Kim (& thank you too, Anna. I know I will visit a blog far more often, if I get an e-mail. I just recently figured out how to add that function to my blog & I’m glad I did)

  8. says

    I just came across your website. Such great tips for us newbies just starting out. I recently started blogging again after a year-long hiatus and I’m looking forward to getting back into the blogosphere again!


  9. says

    Perfect timing for this post! I just started my new blog this week and am trying to gather up all the tips I can get. I especially like your “visit 10 blogs a day” suggestion. Thanks for sharing!

  10. says

    good tips! I’d also add, take some time to think of a title to your post that either tells the reader something important, or catches their attention. Also, you’ll increase your readership by connecting your blog to your facebook page if you have one. Networked Blogs will automatically post your blog feed on your facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/networkedblogs and I think there are others.
    And here’s a tip about that: pay attention to what the first picture is in your blog post, because that’s the only one that networked blogs will use when it posts to facebook- make sure it’s the one that will most grab your facebook readers’ attention, and entice them to click on over to your blog.
    .-= Jill´s last blog ..We Believe We Have a Winner for the Believe Pillow! =-.

  11. says

    Thank you Kim for all your tips and information about blogging. I have often thought of starting a blog, but was unsure of getting started. This is definately something I need to do over the summer. :)

  12. says

    Thank you. I really like the tip about wordless Wednesday. I struggle with finding the time to write, so this is a great solution:)

  13. says

    I know I need to blog more often. I find it difficult to find the time in the day to blog – or what to blog about. Wordless Wednesday is a great idea!!!!!

  14. Brooke at Ivy & Me Apparel says

    We’ve just opened a new Etsy shop, so everything is new for us. Kim, your tips are invaluable. I love blogging and will keep your advice in the back of my mind at all times!

    • Nancy says

      I’m responding because I, too, just started on Etsy.com/CountryLadyJewelry. I think these comments have helped me more than anything. Good luck yo you. Hope to see you around!

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