Craft Studio Inspiration


Here’s a little craft studio inspiration to keep you motivated while you organize all your supplies.

The simple and functional design of this room caught my attention right away!  The desk is extra large and great for bolts of fabric or any other craft project you might be working on.  Look for dining room tables or used doors to create a great oversized desk.

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This is the kind of space that you can do a little of anything in, and with all these drawers you could store away lots of crafty supplies.  I wouldn’t mind that comfy chair!


What do you think about this giant spool of thread to decorate your creative space?  I love it!

I hope this gave you a bit of inspiration to make your craft area pretty and functional.  It’s not all about how much space you have.  I love little cozy areas, and it’s really all in the details.  I work so much better in a pretty space!

Which one is more your style?


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  1. says

    I like both of them. The space I work in is one small desk shared with my pc, the shelves next to it, and the coffee table in the lounge room!
    .-= Di´s last blog ..NINE =-.

  2. says

    My scrap space is 90% of my bedroom. Husband doesn’t mind though! My sewing area/Mac spot is in our living room. Ikea shelves & desk plus a long banquet table for my sewing machine, etc. I’m sandwiched between the two. I can swivel around to sew & again to type away. I like it though bcuz I’m out in the open w/my girls. =) One day I hope to have my very own room to house it all! Love those rooms!
    .-= Julie @ CalleLillyCafe´s last blog ..My Heart is Full =-.

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    I think these are all terrific! You can’t take the importance of having your own space to create for granted. I moved from a little room in the back, and we converted our Den to my Sewing Studio. I’m so much more productive and joyous. I spend a good 80% of my day there, most days. Really diggin’ that big ole spool of thread! 😀

  4. says

    I agree that they are all wonderful…but my heart starts “racing” when I am in the dusty blue room, with all that light pouring in the window. I have a great space – a little cozy and could always be bigger, but I am thankful that I have a space to sit and play on my computer, draw, design and sew!

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    I love the first one. I find it surprising that no one mentioned the great pencil! Love it. This is digging into my dilemma. I would love to have help to do over my work area. I have a 30 by 40 foot studio attached to our home. I also have tons of great stuff. But I get overwhelmed trying to organize and “beautify” my space. I read all the posts that say “do this” but am still over whelmed. Please don’t think I am ungrateful for my wonderful area. I am so grateful for it. Just would love to put every thing out on the lawn and have someone guide me to a wonderful creative space! Thats my dream…Thanks for listening!

  6. says

    I love the first one, where did you find it? I always wonder how people find the time to create these amazing spaces – I’m always to busy working in mine! Someday…


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