Free Photo Editing with iPiccy


Free photo editing has never been easier or more feature rich. Tools and websites designed to crop, edit, and enhance your photos are almost as abundant as places to share them! It’s no secret that I’m a Pinterest fanatic (EverythingEtsy on Pinterest), I love Instagram, and I’m in constant need of photo editing for my… [read more]

Create an Etsy Banner in 10 Easy Steps – How-To Photoshop Elements

Learn to make this simple Etsy banner

(We now have over two dozen free Etsy banners, as well as a tutorial for the free web-based software, Pixlr – If you have Photoshop Elements, this page is for you! If not check out the Free Banners Page) Hi!  When we first started the Everything Etsy Blog back in December 2008, we knew that… [read more]