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Six years of blogging and approx. 1100 posts and pages has been supported by advertisers on! During that time, we’ve learned so much about what works and what doesn’t and we would love to put that experience to work for you! Advertisers on this site have access to an exceptionally creative and internet savvy audience made up of people who sell online and people who buy online. They view our pages about a million times in an average month. Thanks for your interest!. ~ Kim & Tim

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    I am trying to upgrade account information. We have a collective and I want to pay with my credit card and it has my mother’s name on PayPal account with my bank account. Payment will not go through this way. Do NOT know how to correct.

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    Hi Everybody – Since some of the comments here are “customer service” type questions, I thought I’d include some basic response here for everyone. We actually emailed responses to each of these commenters individually when the comments were posted. (the best way to reach us, however is email: or )

    @Tricia – The ad special does go very fast sometimes. The best way to get one of those spots is to sign-up for the ad notifications email using the sign-up form on this page. Then you’ll get an email notifying you of the sale date and exact time. The best bet is then to be on the site at that exact time and refreshing the page to see when the links pop-up.

    @Barbara – I know we got that sorted out, but for others – Payment for ads is through PayPal and they have a customer service department for any technical issues with making payment. You can pay without a PayPal account by using your credit card, but that also is handled by PayPal. For corporate advertisers wishing to purchase a premium ad for a longer period of time, we can make other payment arrangements such as direct credit card to us or, in some cases, check by mail.

    @Melissa – There is a link to go to the right place after every PayPal transaction, but if anyone misses it all they need to do is email and he’ll send you the correct link to give us your ad and info.

    @Melanie – Make sure you sign-up for the ad notifications email to be notified. The ad special box is available once every three months. The larger ads are available year-round as long as we have space available (overall ad space is limited).

    @Kristen – The medium ads only include the posting of the ad. For long term advertisers we do try and get a post in that features your shop or includes a giveaway. It’s not actually “included” in the ad, however. It’s more of a free extra that we do when we can if we can.

  3. Joyce says

    I’m interesting on advertising on your blog here. Could you please email about your pricing , sizes or any specials. Would like more details please thank you :)

  4. Barbara says

    Hi There, I would also like to be added to the advertisement notice emails please. I would like to submit and advertisement.

    Thank you!

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    hello! i sent an email regarding some questions concerning advertising. such as page view numbers and rates on nov. 3. will/is this information be available anywhere before the ad sale?

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    Great news! We have a surplus of advertiser demand for video inventory this quarter and have already lined up new advertisers for your website. We have designed a quick-start program for publishers so we could get you access to new video tags within 24-48 hours so you can increase your revenue immediately. We can also help display publishers quickly integrate a video player with content on their sites to take advantage of this increasing demand.

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    If you aren’t the person that manages your site’s advertising please forward this to the appropriate person so we can enhance your revenue while the demand is strong. Let me know if you’d like to get started today.

    Jason Paluda
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    Last day for Christmas delivery will be the 19th. After that I would offer Priority 1-2 day or Priority mail Express, 1 day with the additional charge of postage.
    Want to find out more? Check out this shop’s About page.

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