Summer Ad Sale & Coupon Codes {Limited Time!}

Everything Etsy Ad Sale Today


I hope your summer is off to a great start and your Etsy Shop or Website is doing gangbusters so far in 2014! I know one thing for sure… this year is going to be the best ever for the online indie seller market overall. It’s exciting.

Let’s make it even better by working together…

It’s time for our Summer 2014 Ad Sale!

Advertise with Everything Etsy - Summer Sale is a wonderful advertising option!

  • Blogging steadily since 2009
  • Ads appear on over 1000 unique pages/posts on the blog
  • Great reach — 100K on Pinterest and 96K on Facebook
  • About 30,000 email subscribers (about 20K get every single post!)
  • Average of about 1 Million Impressions per month for the last 12 months
  • Beautiful Responsive Design Ad Layout
  • Always offering the greatest deals out there for Etsy Sellers and those who want to reach them!

Now offering FREE AD DESIGN! – If you don’t have the time or skills, we’ll do it for you.

30% Discount For Etsy Shops – ad must link to Etsy shop directly – CODE: EtsyShop30

20% Summer Sale for everyone elseCODE:  EESummer20

Enter the coupon codes above to get the instant discount from our standard prices for a limited time.

Ad sizes on Everything Etsy

Click Here to Buy Now at — Space is Limited

Remember the old saying… kind of a cliche, but true — Advertising doesn’t cost, it pays!

Best Wishes for your continued success!

~ Kim

PS – Current ads from the February 2014 Ad Sale are expired, so if you are an existing advertiser and want to renew, use the links and coupon codes above.  That’s EtsyShop30 for 30% discount for Etsy shops and EESummer20 for 20% off for everyone else… and anyone who needs it gets free ad design.

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