Whimsical Craft Room – Little Miss Momma


This whimsical craft room is full of bright and cheerful colors that are sure to inspire all that enter…don’t you think?  I love, love, love the creative decor of this workspace!

Little Miss Momma created this fabulous craft room with her own style and it shows.  It must be fun to whip up some pretty little handmade goodies at her house.  I totally wish she was my neighbor!


She included lots of charming paper pennant banners.


I can’t get enough of painted furniture! What a great color for this little sewing nook.

Craft Room2

Supplies, supplies, supplies…all in their place.  Sooo pretty!

You’ll enjoy all the beautiful photos of this happy craft room on the Little Miss Momma blog.  You can thank me later for sending you over there. :)

What would your dream craft space look like?  I know you’ve thought about it.  Would it be all white, super colorful or maybe shabby chic?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments!



  1. says

    I am in love with these colors! I would love to have more natural lighting in my craft space. Little Miss Momma has a room to die for!

  2. says

    I turned my dining room into my sewing room. It’s an open concept space right when you walk into my house, so I have to keep it looking pretty “neat”. We never used it as an eating area anyway.

    It took me about two years to thrift all my furniture and accessories, but it’s just what I’ve always wanted. Now I just have to decorate it all cute and stuff like the featured craft rooms here.

    Love all the craft rooms you blog about. It gives me so many ideas!

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