Using Social Media to Support Your Blog {B.L.O.G. – Video}

This is the fifth post in our ten week post series on blogging. See the first post here.

In this video, Tim and I go over some of the key things I’ve learned about using social media to support a blog, to support an Etsy shop, to support a family! :-) I hope it helps!

I welcome you to join me on the social site of your choice! If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments!

What is your favorite social media hangout? Do you have any tips to share?

~ Kim


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing these tips for using social media. I found them really useful and I’m going to try out either Hootsuite or Tweet Deck. I love the idea of having columns on Twitter.

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    Thanks, Tim and Kim, for the helpful pointers! I have been using all three social media sites that you talked about, but have not been using them wisely. I’ve got a better idea now of how to use these sites more effectively.

    Really appreciate the time you both are putting into helpin us be more successful. Thanks!


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    You have helped me rethink Twitter. It is not about blasting a constant stream of info about me. It is about conversation. Of course. Now to figure out Hootsuite. . .
    I have to say it is fun to watch the two of you together. Thanks for making the effort to pass on all the info in this series to us neophytes.

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