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The handmade community on Etsy is always ready to help!

I have been watching the news, emailing friends in Japan and praying for their safety.  One of them is located near the power plant and expecting a baby soon.  I wish we could help more!

I’ve gathered a few links from Etsy sellers, fellow bloggers and more to make it easy to donate.  I’m not affiliated with any of these, so please do your own research on them before donating.

  • This I Heart Japan necklace from Shixie is a great way to show you care.  100% of the sale will go to the Red Cross.

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  • Love for Japan is an Etsy shop full of donated handmade and vintage goods with all the proceeds benefiting the relief efforts in Japan.
  • The Red Cross is an amazing organization that I’ve experience the assistance from after Hurricane Charley.
  • 25% of all sales from antithesis will be donated to the British Red Cross.
  • 50% of each sale from Oh La Dee Dah will be donated for relief.
  • This and That From Japan lives in Japan and is donating 15% of sales to Save the Children Japan.
  • Sachiko from Tea Rose Home grew up in Japan and has family there.  She has a organization listed in this post that you might be interested in.

Please leave a link in the comments to any sales or organizations that might benefit the Japan relief efforts.

Thank you!



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    Hi Kim,
    The images are heart breaking, especially the photos of little kids being scanned for radiation. Breaks my heart. :(

    Our Team Eco Etsy’s second annual Earth Day Auction will be held in April and we are planning to donate the proceeds from the auction to an organization that’s helping Japan. The event is in April but I will let you know when the auction happens. I’d love it if you can feature it when auction starts on April 4th.

    We raised over $500 for WWF last year and I am hoping to raise double that this year.

    I hope we can count on you to help Japan.



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    Thank you so much for the links! I think it’s great to see so many helping out! I’m currently donating 50% of proceeds to Red Cross in my photography shop. The Charlie Sheen quote books are setup for the Japan earthquake relief.
    The link to the books is: http://www.etsy.com/shop/FoxFineFoto?section_id=7928520

    I’m also doing my best to spread the word about other shops who are donating

    Dainty Loops on etsy is donating 100% of her petal necklace proceeds: http://daintyloops.com/

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    Don’t forget about all the homeless pets that need immediate attention. I have 2 pet tag listings in my shop that all the proceeds from their sales will be donated to ARK–you can read more about their work here:

    Here are links to my listings for the pet tags:


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    I know of an etsy shop that donates 100% of all proceeds towards Japan. It’s the only one I’ve found for 2012. All the older donation schemes are over. This shop is still on it.



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